what game will win the most GOTY awards this year?

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What game will win the most GOTY Awards this year

Fallout 4 76 27.05%
Metal Gear Solid 5 49 17.44%
Bloodborne 40 14.23%
Batman 7 2.49%
The Witcher 3 54 19.22%
Halo 5 11 3.91%
Tomb Raider 4 1.42%
Persona 4 4 1.42%
Battlefront 4 1.42%
See Results 32 11.39%

From the game out right now the only deserves awards is...


From the games is coming in the future I guess these deserves awards...

Fallout 4

All others games needs to prove something else to be in the list.

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None of those. Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Batman: Arkham Knight mainly 'cause it's batman and hence everything you say against batman is invalid.

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After seeing the E3 Trailer of it, my vote goes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Runner up could be Fallout 4.

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The 5 real contenders for this year will be:

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Batman Arkham Knight
Metal Gear Solid V
Fallout 4

It'll eventually be between Witcher 3, MGS V or Fallout 4 which will rack up the most.

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Xenoblade will probably be better than most. And still not get the same level of recognition.

So, probably Fallout because Bethesda.

Unfortunately, probably bethesda.  They're great at sweeping up GOTYs. People don't even play their games before proclaiming !!GOTY!1!! .

I'm very much guilty of the same thing lol.


So far bloodborne and the witcher 3 are my favorites and I haven't quite picked a favorite between the two. 

Atto Suggests...:

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Most don't want to anger fanboys so they won't pick Bloodborne. I'll say Fallout 4. It's a good non-aligned choice for most.

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Paatar said:
None of those. Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Fallout 4 could be GOAT so I'm going with that ...