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Ryng_Tolu said:
binary solo said:
I don't think Wii U will be above Xb one for Splatoon's 2nd week.


Damnit! If I'd waited a day before posting I would not have embarassed myself. I'm a bit sceptical of a 31% increase in Wii U for USA after a 102% increase for Splatoon launch week. But thems the official numbers for now so that's what we work with. Also a very small software drop. But this is probably to be expected, being a new IP and getting strong word of mouth. What else is incredible is that week 3 of Splatoon in the USA has higher Wii U hardware than week 1. That didn't even happen in Japan. But the legs in the USA are incredible. 4:1 game sales to hardware sales in week 3. That's very impressive.

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