VGChartz has not updated ONCE in the month of June

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VGChartz is updating at a decent speed 16 4.07%
Who really cares? 29 7.38%
...This rate of work is unforgivable 348 88.55%
Tachikoma said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Oh, besides writer you've become a mod too... ZOMFG! Now I know what's happening! Tachi's seizing power from ioi!!!   

Or maybe i'm actually ioi undercover ;)

You scare me! Although I scared myself even more when I imagined ioi's fiancée could actually be a NeoGAFfer undercover that lured him away from the site and into some dreadful dungeon with no return and now she posts nice photos on his FBK page pretending he's safe and sound and faffing around.   

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Mr.Playstation said:
We haven't been praying enough to our iOi shrines.

Absolutely. We need to revive the iOi shrine thread in order to send the biggest number of prayers possible. =o

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CosmicSex said:
Lawlight said:
Apparently the site owners think that this website can survive without numbers.

No, the site owner seems to be okay with surviving off of ad revenue.  It keeps coming regardless of whether or not he updates the site.

He most likely got a real job and that is why he doesn't have time to update the numbers.

Maybe they've decided to include digital sales finally! And are busy at work behind the scenes updating all the numbers! Haha...

I miss the numbers which is pretty much the only reason I check the site. Wish they still updated weekly, they could make the front page like boxofficemojo

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Worst thing to consider about software numbers is while it looks like it was updated last on May 16th it wasn't at all, the weeks before that back to april 4th are all missing, so software wise it's still missing 3 months of information (less a single week).

No update to the numbers is a bad thing, but no update to if we can ever expect them to be updated is just disrespectful to the site visitors because obviously over 3 months it's very hard to now recommend this site be visited by anyone. If someone says why do I visit here as an online forum it was simple , Good community, moderation and weekly numbers of game/console sales. A good community without numbers tho leads to stagnantly re-posting the same "what was your first X" or what is your favourite Y" it's definitely not a forum/site I could recommend.

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Please give us new numbers

Looks like the mods want to turn this into a pseudo-neogaf. They locked the incest thread.

See what all the complaining does we finally got some numbers!