Batman Arkham Knight also broken on Xbox One?

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PS4 version isn't exactly flawless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OP68ypMbow

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bad save game probably

S.T.A.G.E. said:
Kuksenkov said:
Come on Western devs, let's get broken!!

Oh... Nevermind, they're already that way.

Come on eastern devs! Make AAA HD games! 

six years later....and counting. Hold on...wait...I need a financial backer.

Squeenix makes their share of AAA games. They are very polished, of course their issues as of late are bad design choices, but you have to at least give it to them on the stable product front.

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super6646 said:

This is pretty sad, broken on all platforms. AC Unity was a "decent" game, but was broken as fuck. This deserve's just as much shit, especially since they had to REMOVE the PC version. Its a sad day when most publishers don't bother with quality control anymore (developers are partially to blame too, but its harder than you think to create something under a rushed schedule).

I personally HOPE for another gaming crash, as it needs to happen. Flooding the market with crap is just what happened in the early 80s, and it nearly destroyed the industry. If it needs to happen again, I'm all ready for it.

Its not broken on PS4. I have the PS4 version and its fucking amazing on PS4. Haven't heard about much issues on XB1 either.

Its not even close to being as bad as AC: Unity.

At least, japanese games work for the most part. Western devs need to spend more time ironing out the kinks in their games.