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What happened to N4G?

It bit the big one. 8 27.59%
Down for maintenance. 6 20.69%
Who cares!? 8 27.59%
whats a N4G? 4 13.79%
What the heck is a podcas... 3 10.34%

N4G is a site i frequent to upload my podcast and check out some news stories. I was hoping on my computer to upload an article and the site just wasn't connecting. It was giving me an Error code 502. SO my question is, did N4G shut down or are they down for Maintenance? I know i am not the only one have this problem. But, theres no communication on N4g's end on what exactly is happening. What are your thoughts guys and gals? 

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servers not paid for perhaps?

this isnt the first time this has happened to them, not even the first time this year.

Ahhh i see! thanks for your input! 

This always happens to them.

Oh dear, how will dualshockers pay the bills now?

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Ignore this. This is actually the thread with more posts. :P 

Update to the story! N4G sent a tweet apologizing for the down time. From the looks of it they might have been hacked.

I also frequent N4G for certain news updates. Poli-San, has the issue subsided?

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Who cares? This site has fanboys but at least the mods are fair with their bans. Good riddance to that trash website.