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Many have asked for a Final Fantasy VII remake and it's finally happening. But what do you want from it? What are you expecting?

Do you just want a Final Fantasy 7 with modern graphics or should something be changed?  Are you hoping for a turn based fighting system or a dynamic fighting system similar to FFXV?

Tell me what you think.

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It needs to keep its charm. Something about those FF games that looked more appealing than FF13 and co


kopstudent89 said:
It needs to keep its charm. Something about those FF games that looked more appealing than FF13 and co

loved and finished FF XIII and XIII-2.  will continue on LR after I've finished Xenoblade Chronicles. i know the sentiments towards the XIII too linear and other stuff. they've tried to correct it in XIII-2, but there are other elements that went wrong. and LR tried to fix it but of course others complained.

it happens all the time and gamers wanted this and that which nobody can't get everything. especially how previous FF games were done. 

Basically the same game. Just with super graphics. They don't have to have pre-rendered scenes and stuff, just create an immersive world. So example Sector 7 will be explorable, NPCs to get random dialogue from.

But main gameplay should remain exactly the same. So wandering around doing stuff, then random battles in a self contained arena based on the area you are in. Magic system should be exactly the same too.

Hmm, pie.

Rescripted and streamlined core narrative

Expanded and developed side quests and mythology referencing anything meaningful from the spin-off/prequels

Preserved materia system and ATB. They can evolve the battle system but not into an action RPG

It should be an adaption/reimagining, not a 1;1 remake.

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- Keep the original story

- Final Fantasy XV graphics

- Final Fantasy XV combat-system

And most important of all, don't rush the game. If they need 5+ years to make the game, please do so.

CHocobo breeding, full integretion of Vincent and yuffi story .... + reaction from them agaistn ennemi from they re time line (specialy vincent).

Cloud as a girl.
Cloud dating everyone in the big wheel.
Barret in sailor date suit.
Therapeutic tifa's panties.
Turks figthing over who love who in your party.

tifa slap figth against Elena.

snowboard game.
Defend Cosmos canyon game

All the Fg silly stuff :p

I mainly want the same with updated graphics, but I'm not opposed to whatever changes they make.

I know the battle system will be slightly different at least and I'm prepared for that.

Improved presentation is a given. Tweaking and expanding the various mini-games. (Motorcycle chase, snowboarding, mako reactor tower defense, chocobo racing, the rollercoaster rail shooter...hell, make stuff like the parade performance a proper modern QTE.)

The main combat system, materia growth & character progression can be tweaked, but not replaced. Every other FF can get a facelift and mechanical updating yet retain their core gameplay, so I don't understand why the fundamentals of 7 need to be switched out for something completely different.

better graphics(well that should be given)

more enemys (double the amount of different monsters,etc.)
more "secret" bosses
more choices
better npcs, with more to say.

and hardmode