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It's something I've always dreamed of one of my top favourite games of all time being remade in HD. Sounds exciting and it should be, but why am I so uneasy right now. Square Enix has really let me down over and over during the last 10 years or so, they went from being my favourite developer to probably my least favourite because of how often they let down their fans. You can say I'm a little scared their going to screw this up and just butcher it some how.

But there's one game they've come out that I can appreciate and that's Crisis core, it's for that reason why I have very mixed emotions, not sure to be happy or sad but I'm sure as hell excited. 

So do you think Square Enix will butcher it or actually do a great job paying homage to what made Final Fantasy VII the amazing game it is.

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I am ok about it. It is a remake as opposed to a reboot. My only concern is they will try to give it a "modern" battle system and progression system (Grid instead of lvls)

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Give me a turn-based combat system or riot

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fleischr said:
Give me a turn-based combat system or riot

That's the thing they can't satisfy everyone it's either got to be one of the other. Unless they put it in the settings some how.

An above view option would be cool.

One of the things fans love most about the game is the game is the battle system. I'm wondering how they'll approach that. Will it work the same? Probably not.. but I do hope we have control over all the characters this go around.

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The uncertainty is reasonable. I am very confident in the quality of the original FFVII and as long as the ones behind the remake use the various aspects of the original as the skeleton for the remake I think it will turn out fine.

Once the trailers for the remake start popping out though we will see what we got. I almost know this game from memory, I have played and finished FFVII like 7 times, so any changes and general direction will be very visible once we get some remake action.

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With Nomura at the helm, what could possibly go wrong?

This remake's target audience is people who have not played the game. And since it's on home consoles, it's targeted to gaijins. No way I'd expect something good out of it.

Never played it before. I'm only buying it because it's a critically acclaimed game and the visuals are pretty.

I would much prefer an action battle system. It's rather awkward to have a modern, slick looking game that has battle transitions like it's 1998 and even random enemies on anything that isn't the over-world map. I can live with it being turn-based tho, as that's how most other FFVII would want it anyways. I agree however, I'd much rather have a level progression rather than role/grid based like FFXIII, as I want each character to feel as unique as it did back then.

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