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Which buy the 11 December 2015?

PS4 183 77.87%
XBO 38 16.17%
Buy a fucking PC!!! 14 5.96%
Ryng_Tolu said:



1) Platform

More on PS4 including Ratchet&Clank coming early 2016 which looks amazing + tons of Indie Support

2) Shooter (and TPS > FPS)

Did you see what Ubisoft showed?They showed like a billion shooters
Then you have Star Wars,CoD and whatever franchises there are.
And obviously the king of TPS which your prefer > Uncharted

3) Action

Better and more on PS4


You know the answer do you?
The more the PS4 is widening the gap the less likely it will be the X1 even gets some.
Japanese Games in general skip Xbox already now...What will it be once the PS4 is 20 Million or so ahead?And cause you are a
alot in sales threads you know how the PS4 keeps beasting especially worldwide

And believe me - You want to play Persona 5 this year.This franchise is godly and Persona 5 looks just amazing.

5) Stealth
Actually i don't even know how many stealth games there are anymore
But MGS5 and Hitman will be better on PS4 and especially MGS5 will have a huge gap.You say you don't care about graphics but Ground Zeroes was 1080p/60fps on PS4 and just 720p on X1.Phantom Pain will be the same.Don't know why anyone accept such huge differences while paying the same price for the games.






PenguinZ said:

If you intend on getting both at some point, then get the Xbox One first... It'll probably have some nice holiday deals and thats the perfect time of the year to buy an Xbox console. There are some great games coming out for this year as well. Sony's lineup is stronger next year.

The Xbox is dropping a lot faster in price
It will be even cheaper next year especially in Europe where i think Rying is from if im right.
MS here is in full hardcore desperation mode - If he waits a little bit he will get paid to pick up a X1.
But at least currently the PS4 is stable at we will have to wait and see what they announce @ the Paris Game Show or in general for the Holiday/Christmas time.
Great games coming?Subjective
There is only Halo coming in a time full of billions shooter games getting released alone this fall while it won't even be the biggest one - Star Wars will be.
And if he likes TPS more than FPS he should pick up anyway the Uncharted Collection to get prepared for the possible GOTY 2016.

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If you plan to buy one this year and one next year, I'd go for XBO first, then PS4, but if you're gonna buy one next year and one in 2017, then I'd go for PS4 first then XBO.

Depends. I have both systems, but I only have an XBO mainly for Halo, though I also plan on getting Gears, Crackdown, and Rare Replay (Recore looks promising, too). Right now the only game I have for it is the MCC. Meanwhile, I have a PS4 for everything else. I have eight PS4 games, not including indies. Half are exclusives (Driveclub, Infamous, KZ, & TLoU:R) and the other half are third-party games (Alien: Isolation, BF4, Destiny, & FC4).

Unless you're a huge fan of Halo and/or Gears, I'd go with the PS4. I just find it to be an easier system to deal with (the UI is much better than the XBO's), plus Sony has generally done a better job in the exclusives department (though MS is trying to improve in that area somewhat).

Unless I am misunderstanding, the OP is going to buy BOTH consoles but wants to get one this year?

That shouldn't be a contest. Shooters, retro platformers remade and Tomb Raider are all landing on Xbox One this year.

Get that now, and the PS4 next year when most of its currently hyped games are due to land.

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If you're in Italy and you want to borrow games from friends you're better buying a PS4, given its domination over here. Same if you want to play JRPGs now and in the future. Not many of them are going multiplatform..

Then you know.. Bloodborne! How much longer can you wait for it? :p

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The Xbox is dropping a lot faster in price, each year, so better to wait for thé end of thé génération and buy it at 100$ with all thé deals in 2 years

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One of your top 5 genres is JRPGs. With that in mind, I'd say PS4 is your safe option.

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First remember that both the ps4 and xb1 will have very similar lineups. And that 98% of all the games that make up that very similar lineup will "run" better on the ps4.

Then now ask yourself. Which console has the exclusives that appeal to you.


The XB1 has more(more AAA) exclusives this fall, but after that PS4 is going run away with it. Dec 11 2015 is just 4 months away from UC4. Also your WiiU has a few big games this fall if the multiplats don't interest you. Also, since you are just going XB1/PS4 at that point it would be a good idea to get TLOU:R and Bloodborne at that time before the floodgates on the PS4.

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I'd go with PS4, but it's really up to you to decide which games you like more

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