So they are going change the $10 bill to feature a woman.

Forums - General Discussion - So they are going change the $10 bill to feature a woman.

Who should it be?

They dont really know who it will be yet, they just know they want to dump Alexander Hamilton for a woman.

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add me, the more the merrier.

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I saw something about this. They put a vote and if remember correctly Harriet Tubman was most popular vote.


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Honestly, the most influential would be Oprah Winfrey.

Caitlyn Jenner...


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They should've just done this for the $20 bill.

Seriously, the US President who abolished a central bank and managed to make the United States debt-free is on fiat money issued by a central bank?



Ayn Rand would piss the entire left-wing off. Worth it for the trollz.

Huh, interesting.

I'll just choose a random name, and say Sally Ride.