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HintHRO said:
Is this thread the worst thread of all time?

Not just yet, but if you move the goalposts juuuuust right...

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It is a fantastic console, the Gamepad is pure genius, especially for navigating Netflix.

The games are great and imo much better than Gamecube and most N64 games.

I would say it is my second favorite console after SNES.

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Not all time (Panasonic 3DO instantly came to mind). But definitely the worst console made by the big 3.

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HintHRO said:
Is this thread the worst thread of all time?

I just wanted to say this. :D

Soundwave said:

I think Wii U will pull even with the GameCube by generation's end.

No it doesn't have Resident Evil or Metroid or Animal Crossing ...

BUT it has Splatoon, Bayonetta 1/2, Xenoblade, and Mario Maker + NSMB (2D Mario) ... something the GameCube didn't have.

Mario 3D World, Smash U, DKC: TF, Mario Kart 8 are also equal or better than their equivalents on the GameCube.

If Zelda U is better than Wind Waker, IMO that tips the scales in favor of the Wii U. 

Trumpeting niche titles like Bayonetta and Xenoblade is like including Tales of Symphonia, Baiten Kaitos, and Evolution Worlds in Gamecube section (even though you can argue Tales of had a greater impact than any of the 5 I mentioned).

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HintHRO said:
Is this thread the worst thread of all time?

The mobile gaming thread is worse..

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bouzane said:
Cream147 said:

Firstly, you seem to be positing that until now Gamecube was the worst games console of all time, as you keep comparing the Wii U to the Gamecube. This would be a very dumb premise to begin with. I think people have listed all the horrible consoles there have been over the years, e.g. the Jaguar, 3DO, CDi etc. Even something like the Saturn is surely worse than the Gamecube.

You state that like it is a fact. I don't understand how so many gamers have zero appreciation for Sega consoles. The Saturn had Panzer Dragoon Saga, Radiant Silvergun, Dragon Force, Guardian Heroes, Nights into Dreams and so many other classic games that I would certainly put it in the same league as the GameCube.

As someone who was a Sega kid, I certainly appreciate Sega's consoles. The Saturn just didn't do it for me like the Mega Drive and the Dreamcast did. Never did, though I won't lie that the lack of a full Sonic game on the thing really put a downer on it for me.

Whatever the case, I wouldn't put the Saturn, the Gamecube or the Wii U as the worst console of all time - not by a long shot.

If you mean worst among the big 4 console manufacturers, then you should specify that in the opening post, and topic title, because it seems this has caused a lot of confusion.

Nem said:

No, its not. CD-i, Jaguar, 3DO, etc pop to mind.

First 2 I'd give you, but 3DO? The birth of Need for Speed (spectacular when it came out pre Saturn/PS1), first ever 3D FIFA and some other pretty spectacular games?  Shut the front door! :p

It was the future when it released, pity nobody could see that it was only going to be the future for about 12 months.

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ctk495 said:

I think this thread makes you uncomtable because the thought is up in the air. Some people are not brave enough to verbalize it-nintendo has made their worst console. Also is this how you deal with conflict by saying "lock it" I don't want to see it, when someone doesn't share your perspective? I read your post above where you say that the Wii U has a better library than the GCN, yet other posters had said this is not the case and provided evidence about it like comparing Sunshine with 3D land. Yet I don't see you adressing them, so who is ignoring the evidence? Instead you are relying on personal attacks against my thread  calling it one of the worst of all time. As opposed to defending your ideas when someone disagrees.


What? There are more people pointing to Wii U having a better library and you ignore them as you ignored my post. You only find legitimacy in their opinion because they agree with you? Laughable.

Uncomfortable? No, not the least bit. I just find this thread pointless at this point. Wii U is not the worst console of all time by far. Not even close. You won't change your mind on it... So what? Who cares? Just becasue you say it doesn't make it true. It just shows how ridiculous this thread has been. 


Sunshine? Mario Sunshine was trash. The only mario game I never bothered to beat. I loved the gamecube for its library as well, I love my Wii U even more.

Something tells me you don't even own a Wii U. Do you own the console?

Edit: If you're going to go by opinions posted in your own thread, there are far more that agree with me. Most don't think it was the worst console. Are you going to ignore every one that doesn't share your opinion?