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Maybe they should host a company wide mario kart 8 championship to determine their new leader


A Japanese CEO who will collaborate with Western developers. Nintendo needs the West to succeed. They cannot depend on their Japanese fan base to hold them afloat. Look how Square Enix has jumped ship and know supports the PS4. I doubt that the next Dragon Quest will be a Wii U or DS exclusive.

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I gave Nintendo a D rating for E3 on my blog. It is sad that it's coming to this.

As much as I love Iwata, I think they need a new boss. One that won't change how Nintendo works, but one that works harder (not saying Iwata doesn't work hard, because he does) on helping 3rd parties and etc.

For example. I think Nintendo needs better direction on what games to make. Like Camelot making all these Mario Golf games and etc? Camelot is who made Golden Sun. Why aren't they busy making Golden Sun and new RPG IPs?

They need to get more developers... mainly for RPGs. I mean, they pretty much have every genre besides FPS and RPG. (They have some RPG's, but on the 3DS right now)

I would just really like to see Nintendo produce more RPG's. The ones they have given us are phenomenal, but are few.

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Aisha Tyler obviously.

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I'm surprised it took this long to make a thread about Iwata resigning.

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