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Tlozjb said:

They have only said it vocally, that they will only work with Nintendo, so in a sense, legally, they are not second party, they are third party.

We still do not know how those two games will turn out to be, so at the moment they are just to new IPs that may become a success. Sony doubtfully putted a effort on this, and even if they did, it still is from SE, not a Sony blockbuster.

Yep, we all know Nintendo :v  And that is totally like them, so it is no surprise.

Ask that Nintendo of Canada  guy, I'm just quoting what he said :v

@Alternine:  Atleast I'm talking new as in new game announcement, not new IP or anything like that.

@Arlo: Those indeed have a good reason to be angry, though I don't see why they would had gotten a Wii U on the first place, if they still were not sure about it and its future.

Next Level made an announcement, so I would assume they made a deal thus legally making them 2nd party.

Ok fine, let us assume those new IP (which seem to have a vast amount of potential) are not good, Sony still made a huge effort for street fighter V exclusivity and Microsoft made a huge effort for Tomb raider exclusivity. That potential was there for Nintendo, but because they did nothing of that sort, we see just how much "effort" nintendo put to building their library.

At least both others showed progress in uncharted 4 or halo 5, both of which are individually more impressive than any upcoming wii u game.

Until I see more third party support, I won't act as if they have that support now, because for all we know, that support could go the way of project cars. Also it would make sense for that Nintendo rep to put the wii u in the best light possible, even if it meant stretching the truth.

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tokilamockingbrd said:
Paatar said:
I agree. People "jumping ship" over this is really ridiculous. Sick of these ignorant idiots.

I dont see it as people jumping ship just over today. Its been building for a long time.

Exactly. This Direct is just the straw that broke the camel's back, after years of game droughts and ignoring what gamers want.

Acevil said:
Aeolus451 said:

Well, nintendo has been in the decline for a while. Both MS and Sony are not.

Sony & Microsoft do have low points as well, the Vita for example, a perfectly capable device that seems to be abadoned due to lack of effective sales. Microsoft low point is they started declining in exclusive content since 2010 and really just a few first party title, mixed with one or two timed exclusives.  

I can't really deny that about the vita but to be fair, I believe that sony should just leave that market alone for awhile. Handhelds is nintendo's market. Maybe sony could revisit it later on when it's in a better position to take risks as a company. Truth be told, I don't follow the handheld market all that much.

Yes. Also, MS has the lowest amount of exclusives out of the big 3. They need to step it up in that area instead of trying to supplement it with limited BC or Windows 10. No one knows how good either will be until they are implemented fully. It needs to be treated as a gaming platform first then entertainment hub secondly. 

Maybe Nintendo should stop giving the fans those monthly directs? If they kept quiet about Fatal Frame, Earthbound beginnings, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Star Fox, SMTXFE, Smash Bros DLC, and all of the other things they've been revealing and filling us in on, and just delivered it all today, the backlash wouldn't be there.

Next month or so, they'll announce another one of those to fill everyone in on the Club Nintendo replacement, and some results of the DeNA partnership, plus more games.. and guess what?..



I don't really criticize because Nintendo fans put up with a lot:

- They pay good money for outdated hardware. Lets be honest, the Wii U is 2007-era technology being sold at $300-$350 (depending on when you bought in). The "New" 3DS is a joke hardware wise compared to any modern portable smart device.

- Third party support has literally whittled down to nothing but Just Dance and LEGO/Skylanders stuff.

- Amiibo stock headaches being really awful.

- Generally speaking we get 4-5 good games a year. Total.

- Nintendo has for the last ten years been chasing an endless array of gaming gimmicks (motion gaming, touch gaming for casuals, 3D glasses free, tablet/dual-screen gaming) rather than really just focusing on fresh new game experiences like Splatoon. They've become obsessed with chasing the gimmick formula rather than making sensible hardware decisions. 

At some point, people snap. Some people wanted just a Metroid or a Paper Mario, but when you're not even getting that, then I can understand why some people will say "enough is enough". I'll always love Nintendo and will buy Nintendo hardware as long as they make it, but I can understand the point of view of someone who has had enough. 

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alternine said:
160rmf said:

 If they're switching platforms to give a upset message to nintendo because of the e3 presentation, then they're being childish and everyone is free to point out this

Its not childish. Its called voting with your wallet.

Let me see... You buy a console. You are having a good time playing with it, then a 50 min video show up and you throw your console out of the window... and that is not a childish behavior? ok



We reap what we sow

I dont think these make up for the fact that it was a generally boring showcase, with far too much time spent on games they have already been showing off prior to the event, and some throwaway announcements for existing IPs.

People can be upset by this event if they want to, and they can vocalise that disappointment. The only way Nintendo is going to get the message that their fans do not like what they are making, how they are presenting etc etc etc, is to be vocal about it.

160rmf said:
alternine said:

Its not childish. Its called voting with your wallet.

Let me see... You buy a console. You are having a good time playing with it, then a 50 min video show up and you throw your console out of the window... and that is not a childish behavior? ok

Not everyone was having a good time playing it. Thats the thing. The negativity with Nintendo has been building over time.

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Tlozjb said:

Curl-6 used the word "new" Uncharted 4, Halo, and Tomb Raider are not new, with the latter pertaining to SE, not to Microsoft directly.  Horizon, it is too early to call it a blockbuster, GoW, now that I have to give it to you, but the others do not fit with what was said.

I don't think it's too early to refer to Horizon as a 'blockbuster' title. It's been in development for 4~ years by one of Sony's biggest studios, and the gameplay they showed was certainly that of a big budget AAA title.

the thing is about the sony conference in comparison to the nintendo one is that the 2 megatons don't even come out until 2017/2018 likely. The NX will be out by then. Shenmue hasn't even started development, FF7 has a FMV trailer.
what did bother me about the nintendo conference is the stupid AC game, and metroid. They didn't show a lot of things they could/should have.

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