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Kuksenkov said:
I like how you had to create a thread just to express your disappointment. As if we were waiting for you to tell us how you feel.

From the amount of replies to this post, yours included, the answer seem like yes. This is a forum, and people posts their opinions. 

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i'm with you but a generation ahead. my disappointment started with the gamecube drought but then i saw the wii and thought things had finally turned a corner. but then nintendo was nintendo and the games stopped on the back half of the gen and i became livid with nintendo.

i dunno, nintendo has money and developers but still they support their systems for about 2 years and then move on to the next one flipping between handheld and console. i guess they think third parties will pick up the slack after they get the sales rolling or something. they need to expand their first party and they need to build 3rd party relationships but instead they only focus on "surprising" people.

i've been done with nintendo for almost 5 years now. i'll admit, i thought about getting a wiiU around smash's release. i got really excited when zelda was shown. ..but other than those there are like 3 games i'd want on wiiU. yeah, pushmo DKC and mk look great but they aren't great enough to get a system for 5 games. i'm no playstation right now and every time i think about getting a wiiU i remind myself i have a backlog about 30 games deep. also i tell myself that nintendo tends to do BC,.. i may just become an every other generation nintendo fan.

I feel like E3 2015 really showed that at this point they just want to move on from the Wii U. They'll probably still support it a bit but it will only be with smaller less expensive titles to produce. I wouldn't be surprised if every major title at this point is in development for the NX now and not Wii U.

I mean seriously, an AC board game? I thought it was gonna be a new Animal Crossing for Wii U.

What a damn awful conference. I still can't believe it, holy shit. They had such an amazing E3 2014 but they're E3 2015 was this?

That moment when Nintendo has a Sega moment. They sent a pretty clear message that they aren't serious about the Wii U. I will send a message by not taking the NX seriously.

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Well damn. I hope you reconsider, they make some good games

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I'll wait and see what Nintendo's going to do with NX next year.

Nintendo has long and hard road ahead if they want to remain relevant in the console space. They need to find a way to develop a platform that's conducive to 3rd Party titles as well as their own. Modern games simply take too long to develop for Nintendo to support a platform all on their own. Because of how badly their relationship with third parties has atrophied, they are going to have dip into their war chest a pony up the bucks. Especially with Western Devs which they've lacked since GC era by in large.

Nintendo needs to form first party development studios and second party developer partnerships in Europe and North America to supplement their titles from Japan. Online is a major part of modern gaming. Nintendo needs to wake up and take it seriously. They need to find a way to retain what they are while appealing to the fans that they've lost. It's not going to be easy. I hope they pull it off, but I'm not optimistic.

If NX is a tablet I'll buy that shit day one. If they decide to focus the platform around Amiibos then I'll probably skip it entirely. I really don't care about that stuff.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

I really didn't even need to buy a Wii U this gen since the PS4 is all I really need, even then I don't have enough time to play all the games on that. I partially just wanted to support Nintendo.

midrange said:

My greatest advice to you is ... judge Nintendo for their present actions, not their future actions. I.E. wait to see how the next console turns out before making that decision.

Although I have made my criticisms of splatoon and smash bros dlc in the past, I do acknowledge Nintendo as a good publisher. Unfortunately even the best of the best will make wrong decisions from time to time.

Honestly, their problem stems back to when they made the hardware for the wii u. Bethesda openly revealed how it was Nintendo making Nintendo hardware mainly for Nintendo games, despite the many many concerns from 3rd party publishers. It is now that we are seeing the full effects of that decision. IMO as long as Nintendo realises this and makes a console for developers and not just Nintendo games (common architecture, sufficient power, special features), they should be fine. They can even release it alongside a gimmick, as long as they  realize that they need to prioritze the basic essentials of the console.

tldr : Sony went from last to first in one generation, Nintendo may do the same if they finally get their act together.

This is a good post, thank you.  Cooler heads should prevail.

I am extremely angry at the moment mainly because I am drawing conclusions based on the lack of quality Wii U content that I saw today.  That said, you are right that we shouldn't judge the future based on this snapshot.  I am sure that Nintendo is hearing a lot of this angry feedback from fans and they may even follow E3 up quickly with some substantial Nintendo Directs for the Wii U.

Here's to hoping.