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It's practically a confirmed last place for Nintendo at this E3. Horrible, horrible press conference.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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I think i need a break from Nintendo. That Metroid-abomination was a worse kick in the balls than their conference in 2008

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Dr.Vita said:
Horrible conference. Worst one I ever saw tbh...

I can't see wii u selling much after this e3. It's been given the same papers that sony gave the vita. I think vita will actually outsell it now lol

Nx is coming, metroid and zelda launch titles. Pretty much all wii u games will have been moved to it, it seems. 

Basically the Wii U is the Sega Saturn.

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I guess I'll keep my thoughts to myself on this one.

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The wii u animal crossing needs to be cancelled. I never want to see that ever again. I want a true wii u animal crossing, not some rushed shovel ware type one.

+Fire Emblem
+Mario Maker
+Mario&Luigi Paper Jam
-Yokai Watch
-ebin new medroid :DDD
--ebin wiu animal grossing XDDDD
--F*ck amiibo

------No F-Zero
------No Metroid
------Worse than last year;
+The World Championship and Smash stuff saved Ninty @ E3

Disappointing; Still good, but far worse than last year.

Star Fox was a great opening. "Metroid 4" 2016 reveal at the end could have been a big save. Looks like Nintendo is killing the Wii U quickly, after all. What a letdown.

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They won't greenlight any new games for the 3DS and the Wii U, they are moving on. What hurts is that instead of ending with a slamdunk, they are making a variety of cheap spin-offs.

I can't support Nintendo anymore, that conference was insulting.

Super Mario Maker dragged on for way tooooooooooo long....
As for Zelda U, how can they have the audacity to put it on their release infographic?!