After all the excitement and scream, now I worry about FF 7 Remake

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After watching Sony E3 last night I was all smile and the only thing in my mind was FF 7 Remake is freaking happening. I have lost interest in any games now that is now FF 7 remake. But after all the joy and excitement, for some reason I am a bit worried now. The remake is huge, megaton huge. And I am pretty sure a lot of you who are interested in the game have the bar very high for this game. And one of the thing that have been happening a lot in the industry is the hype, setting the bar high to only be not satisfied with the final product on release day. I pray that doesn't happen with the FF 7 remake.

Now the reason for my worried are the following question:

1) Are they going to tweak the materia system ?(I hope not)

2) Will the game still be turn based? (I hope yes)

3) What can they improve in the game? (I am thinking about it and the only thing that comes to my mind is make Gold Saucer a multiplayer area, where you can play online against other people)

4) Are they going to try to be too fresh and change the experience too much? (Hell freaking no)

5) What should not  be touch at all in the game (the characters, the story, SEPHIROTH)

And so many other things I can think about. I feel like even one tiny mini mistake might ruin the overall experience for me, cause this game is actually my fave all time, the reason I jump the ship from N64 to PS1.

So what about you guys? How excited and worried are you??

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Seeing as how long it took, I think Square will be very careful with this.
I hope...

Said before, this should be a graphical upgrade only, any other changes, to story, plot, even dialogue and its not the game we want.

I'm personally worried for one reason, they'll add voices, voices would ruin it (because there is a lot of corny dialgue)

Hmm, pie.

I'm worried that in 2018 we a still are worrying for it..


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After playing FFXV demo I'm not worried.

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A remake is to take something old and recreate it with todays tech and design

Its going to be yes on ALL of those.

I'd be shocked if the game stayed "traditional turnbased"

FFVII was the game that defined the PS1 to me, it was the main game that made me get the system back in December 1997,still remember it as if it were yesterday, so I´m still in the 'totally excited don´t have time to worry" phase.

FF7 is outdated in every single way.

V-r0cK said:
After playing FFXV demo I'm not worried.

If it is anything like ffxv then I for one will not be getting it.  Ffxv does not look appealing to me...

What we saw was a cutscene and I would like to see some gameplay. Did they talked about what kind of remaster they are doing? Will it be full AAA graphics ala FFXV, will it have static environments etc.