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"Over in Europe, Nintendo has picked up a trademark for Diddy Kong. The name was just filed and made public today."

"There’s been a whole bunch of speculation about what will/won’t be at the Nintendo Digital Event next week. Some people have been wondering what Retro Studios has been up to, for example. And based on a tweet the company sent out earlier in the week, some believe that Retro could unveil a new game during Nintendo’s E3 presentation."

Source: Nintendo Everything

This is it guys! IT'S HAPPENING!!! DIDDY KONG RACING 2!!

What do you think the trademark is for?

EDIT: This is a duplicate, sorry I didn't see the other thread when searching for it. Mods can lock this one.


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I do believe this has already been posted

Already posted.


Or they just renewed a trademark on a major character in one of their major franchises. I've learned over the years that trademark files don't necessarily mean dang thing.

It could mean nothing at all, but it is nice to see

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Ahh man! My bad, I didn't see the other thread when I was searching for it... I'm still excited though!


here comes the metroid fans....

Retro: And now to unveil the game that we know all of you have been dying to see us work on ... DIDDY KONG RACING FOR THE WII U!!

C'mon. The salty tears will be delicious.

I could see DKR on the 3DS though too. 

Dupe thread, locking.