Wii U owners: is it your only current gen console?

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Yes 482 67.79%
No, I have a PS4/X1 also 229 32.21%

It's the only one I personally own but I have a PS4 and an XOne back home. Also a gaming laptop and soon to be PC. Have both handhelds as well if that counts.

I just go where the games are, irrespective of the console. 


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Have access to an Xbox 1/360/PC (through my brothers) as well as a DS and 3DS.

nope, i couldnt live with myself not owning all consoles :O

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I have a Wii U, PS4 and Vita.

I don't own any current generation consoles since I've been told on several occasions that the Wii U isn't current gen.

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If we dont include pc then yes


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I own Wii U, 3DS, and PS4, They are all fine gaming devices. Nintendo are still king on the software side, but I had to get a PS4 because it seemed daft missing out on such epic games like Batman AK.

Yeah, on one I got. Not really interested in the ps4 or xb1 to be honest.



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Own an XB1.

The Wii U is my only 8th gen home console.