Wii U owners: is it your only current gen console?

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Yes 482 67.79%
No, I have a PS4/X1 also 229 32.21%

I have all three. Wii U and Xbox one are my most played, with the ps4 distant last and has been collecting dust since bloodborne.

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i voted yes, but i do have an x1. it just doesnt do anything. its there to look nice. i have a couple games, which are all terrible, and i use it to watch yankees games because i live in california, so i dont have access to yankee games. i also use my x1 as a blu ray player because my wife and i like to watch movies sometimes. this last year we watched the rocky series, indiana jones series, alien series, and are starting the star wars series. so yeah, i cant even remember the last time i used it to play games, so the wii u is pretty much my only 8th gen console.

In my family we have wii u, ps4 and 3ds XL. Would be happy with just wii u, But I wanted to try GTA5 and TLOU so instead of getting them on my ps3 I bought a ps4.

Wii U and 3DS XL only. Might get a PS4, but rather unlikely. The games on Wii U are plenty and I cannot finish them all anyways.

Now with Splatoon, one of the things drawing be to a PS4 is also on Wii U.

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Got them all...

PS4 and Xbone are currently not doing much than collecting dust though. They just do not have enough good games on it. So far I have enjoyed Ori (one of my favorite games of the generation), Sunset Overdrive (decent enough) on the Xbox and on the PS4 I have yet to play a fun game (Havnt played Bloodbourne so obviously that will get a try at some point) The Order was just bad and then a few multiplats that havnt really done anything for me.

That said I havnt explored the library of those consoles as much as the Wii U library so there's probably another game or two I like.

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I have a 3DS and an outdated PC as well (most likely weaker than a PS4). Honestly, all I need each gen is Pokemon and Smash Bros. Everything else is just extra.

Nope. Have an XB1, PS4, 3DS, PSVita, and a gaming PC as well! I honestly don't know why I bought them all though.. my backlog is already pretty big and its only gonna get bigger at this point.. T_T

Yes, and it will stay that way. I am not a traitor.

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Yea, I only use 3DS, Wii U & PC.

However, Bloodborne is the only PS4 exclusive im interested in.


no, all systems.