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I thought this was going to be the saddest retaliation thread ever, but it turned out to not be terrible. A little silly, perhaps - I'm guessing anyone here is in it for the games. If they wanted the most powerful 3rd party machine they'd get a PC.

Personally, the NES & SNES were eclectic, with a crazy good mix of genres and fresh 1st & 3rd party, in good quantity. And to my tastes, the PlayStation systems have been the true inheritors of that particular cocktail recipe.

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And here I thought this would be a place for those on all sides to say that power isn't everything, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I would say "I don't care if the PS4 is the most powerful console," because in the end, it's all about the games. If it's got the games I want, it gets my purchase. Everything else comes after it ; )



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Honestly i cannot judge without bias, because i always prefer PS as a brand of choice on Video games, even i am trying to collect money to buy Vita lol, But for now, as an old fan, i will say PS4 still lack Japanese RPG, especially the old franchise. I hope in the future PS4 will have more JRPG like wild arms, arc the lad, Legend of Dragon and etc. I know some people will say they have Bloodborne or they will get Disidia FF, but i was born loving PS brand with Japanese games. So i just miss the old days.

This thread is kinda weird, glad I'm not a mod. I'll just say, it's about the games, not the brand.

Since the intention of this thread is relevant more than ever, I bump this thread to separate shit from chocolate.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


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If i cared about power i would play exclusively on PC

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hahaha. That seems funny
I don´t care how powerful the PS4 is because it is still too fucking expensive in my country and I wouldn´t buy it anyway.
Maybe in two or three years....

Variety of games, lots of games and continued support of the console until the gen ends.

MS is notorious for slowing down support in the last 12-18 months of a consoles life. Nintendo this gen has been pretty lacking with quality 1st party games. They screwed up Lylat Wars and Metroid as well.

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Lol awesome thread, where do I sign up??

Yeah dont care about power blah blah blah

What games were announced that we didnt know :(!?


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