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New Games with Gold titles have been announced.

I'd say it's an acceptable month but not much more than that.

Hitman left Game Pass and joins GwG. Considering most episodes were free at some point, the value isn't that great.
We Were Here is a $5 indie title. At least it's brand new (as in new on console).
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was given away for free during an event in the past. Zero value for me.
After EDF 2017 was made a GwG in June, EDF 2025 is already next. Poor timing. Also the series is pretty meh-ish. At least the value seems alright here. Pretty expensive to buy.

EspadaGrim said:
Ryuu96 said:

That title is click-bait from GamingBolt, he didn't say anything close to that in the actual interview on Twinfinite.

I don't think 20by20 is possible anyway but we could get close to 20 still in 2020.

That is good to hear I would have been disappointed . I was also skeptical because it’s Greenberg and he isn’t in charge of those decisions.

Yeah Greengerg actually made a comment about it in reply to a Klobrille post shortly after the article was written.

VGC just copied it over here.


Wonder if Microsoft has any interest in acquiring Bloober, their market cap is $32m though, usually you buy public companies for quite a bit more than their market cap so it'd probably cost $40-$50m to buy them.

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Gears 5 Previews.

These areas are perhaps closer in size to those found in games like Metro Exodus — not truly open world — but designed to foster exploration and reward players who enjoy traversal. To accommodate the format, Gears 5 is the first in the series with an actual map function, giving you access to "?" locations which could contain resources, story elements, or collectibles.

You can simply ignore all of the side quests and content if you so choose. We were told that The Coalition expects a player skipping side quests and exploration could get through the campaign in around 12 hours, while those who dabble would see 20 plus.

That choice extends to individual combat scenarios as well. Instead of encounters being predictably triggered right away upon entering an area (something I’d been worried about), there’s often an opportunity to get the drop on enemies by playing stealthily, or to set up more tactically before engaging.

The Coalition has only spent a little over two years developing Gears 5. Not that you'd necessarily be able to tell that from playing it – it's a truly gorgeous game that wears its ambition on its blood-coated sleeves. Gears 5 has been driven by passion and purpose; The Coalition is eager to treat this experience as an expression of what it is truly capable of. If Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was proof that the studio was worthy of taking control of the franchise, if Gears of War 4 was proof that it could deliver a faithful sequel, then Gears 5 is the team demonstrating that you haven't seen anything from this studio or series yet.

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I'm very excited for Gears 5. I wanna see how open hubs changes the dynamic of the cover shooter mechanics.

Flight Sim looks stupendous. I'm hoping Xbox One or Scarlett port is decent.

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


"Microsoft now operates 150 Azure edge sites across over 50 countries

Microsoft is to open an additional 31 Azure edge sites, bringing its total portfolio of edge nodes to 150 across 50 counties and sub-30 milliseconds latency to 80 percent of the global GDP, the company announced.

"These new Edge sites will help Project xCloud in bringing down the latency for gamers. Microsoft mentioned in their blog post that more than 80 percent of global GDP can experience Azure with sub-30 milliseconds latency. "


Does anyone here still wanna get into the Bleeding Edge alpha? I got a code to give away