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Nice! I always wanted to try Vanquish.

This Week on Xbox: April 20, 2018


We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox! Or, if you’d rather watch than read, you can feast your eyes on our weekly video show above. Be sure to come back every Friday to find out what’s happening This Week on Xbox!

Thank You For a Legendary Halo World Championship Season
Halo esports comes from humble beginnings. Back in 2001 for Halo: Combat Evolved, we used to lug around heavy CRT TVs and system link original Xbox consoles to compete at a friend’s house – the only prize being the title of best among your friends. Fast forward through the next couple of years – the origin story of our friends at MLG, national championships creating esports royalty out of players such as OGRE2, Walshy, Pistola — and now, more than 10 games later – and we’ve reached the conclusion of the third Halo World Championship. This past weekend was special in many ways. The Halo World Championship was created from our desire to give the competitive Halo community a… Read more

Fortnite Fridays Glide into Microsoft Store
All aboard the Battle Bus! Today, we’re excited to invite you to our Fortnite Fridays community nights, a weekly in-person gaming series featuring Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite Fridays begin tomorrow, April 20 from 5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. local time at your local Microsoft Store ASUS ROG Arena. We recently announced that we’re growing the games lineup at ASUS ROG Arena to give you more opportunities to meet up and play your favorite titles, and Fortnite’s unique gameplay and rapidly expanding community make it the perfect fit. Fortnite Fridays Bring in-Person Competition to Fortnite We can’t wait to see players competing at our events with that Victory Royale on the line… Read more

E3 2018: All Things Xbox
It’s that time of the year again: E3 is less than two months away! That means now is the perfect time to share more of our plans for one of the gaming industry’s biggest annual events. Here at Xbox, we’re hard at work getting ready for the big show. We’ll be kicking things off with our annual Xbox E3 2018 Briefing, which you can watch live beginning on Sunday, June 10 at 1 p.m. PDT. During the briefing, you’ll have a chance to check out everything from in-depth looks at previously announced games to trailers for our unannounced titles coming in 2018 and beyond. You can watch the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing live beginning at 1 p.m. PDT on Sunday, June 10 on the official Xbox Mixer… Read more

Iconic Sci-fi Tank Shooter Battlezone Gold Edition is Coming to Xbox One in May
Battlezone Gold Edition is coming to Xbox One next month, rebooting the iconic 1980s sci-fi tank shooter for a new generation and a brand-new platform. It’s almost 10 years to the day that a Battlezone game last launched on Xbox, the Xbox 360, in fact. That is far, far too long apart for two of the most iconic names in gaming, so we’re delighted to finally be reuniting Battlezone and Xbox. And really, bringing it to Xbox was an absolute no-brainer for us. When we decided to reboot Battlezone, we thought about how to make it true to the original. The 1980 arcade game is a classic, iconic thing. We spent our childhoods staring into the cabinet’s visor and teleporting into a world of… Read more

Cult-Classic JRPG Ys Origin Now Available on Xbox One
Good news, Ys fans! You can now get Ys Origin on Xbox One and discover the roots of this cult saga for the first time ever on an Xbox console! We’re excited to finally bring this legendary Japanese ARPG to the Xbox One, so players can savor the wonderful universe of Ys Origin and we feel very fortunate to deliver such an important title to fans. The Ys series is now 30 years old and it’s one of the JRPG world’s most beloved titles. The entire Dotemu team are RPG fans, so working on this game and revealing all its surprises was a dream come true for us. Ys Origin is set 700 years before the events of Ys I & II, during a time when the land of Ys is on the brink of… Read more

Introducing Ruinous Manor as the New Max-Level Dungeon for TERA on Xbox One
It’s more than just a creaky old ruin filled with monsters and loot — it’s the ultimate fulfillment of a quest line that starts early in your adventuring career, and possibly one of the best stories we’ve ever told.  This may seem like a bold statement for a game that just released but bear with me for a minute while I dive deep into some TERA lore surrounding the new max-level dungeon: Ruinous Manor. At level 25, players are introduced to the “Insanity Epidemic” plotline, which kicks off a series of story quests and dungeon play that takes you to level 65 and beyond. It not only involves some of the most influential NPCs in the game, but also the gods themselves, and the… Read more

Creators Corner: Fighties
Xbox Live Creators Program empowers passionate developers everywhere to share their games with the world. In the Creator’s Corner series, Xbox Live Creators Program developers will share what inspires and motivates them to design and create their games, what challenges and creative solutions they pursue to bring their games to fruition, and how they leverage Xbox Live capabilities to enhance their games for Xbox. Today, we’ll be chatting with Ben and Max Snyder about their experience creating and bringing Fighties to the Xbox audience. Tell us about your developer journey — what inspired you to start developing games and what continues to motivate you? We went to school to get… Read more

New and Exciting Additional Content for X-Morph: Defense
Hello, Xbox fans! After the positive reception of our game, X-Morph: Defense, which released in the Summer of 2017, we decided to give the players more content to enjoy. We’re super happy to tell you that we just released two huge updates for the game. The first is our very official expansion to X-Morph: Defense, a DLC campaign entitled European Assault. While the main game has taken players on a tour all over the world, this story-driven mini-campaign focuses solely on the old continent. Three demanding missions allow you to conquer Finland, Netherlands, and… Read more

Hardcore Neon Slasher Phantom Trigger Available Now on Xbox One with Mixer Integration
This game is a special one for us. We first worked with the developers, Bread Team, when we published a silly game together about slicing sheep in half. That game was whimsical and mathematic and surprising, and we enjoyed teaming up with Bread Team so much that we went straight to concepting the next game. It was a massive exploratory project. Over three different prototypes, a marriage, a second child, and a war breaking out in the region they lived, Bread Team created Phantom Trigger. Victor Solodilov undertook learning to code in C# while moving his family to East Ukraine, while Denis Novikov experimented with creating pixel art while relocating to Saint Petersburg. Our team at… Read more

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That's a nice month indeed MGS V and Vanquish are great to get and the Streets of Rage is also a nice addition as I missed playing it before it rotated out of Game Pass, bit of a kick in the teeth throwing in a Baseball game for us guys over in Europe though hah but the rest makes up for it :P

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Interesting, Sea of Thieves is technically 'their new IP' but if it was Sea of Thieves the recruiter would likely just say it's Sea of Thieves so this could possibly be for their incubation team slowly staffing up. 

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Very solid month.

Meh month. Vanquish saves it a bit. MGS V was not only already on Game Pass (for a limited time) but is also one of the cheapest games you could buy for current gen consoles, worth about ~$5.

Meh month. Vanquish and Streets of Rage Collection are nice (though Streets of Rage collection was already on Gamepass and was only removed a month or two ago). MGS V was already on PS+ last year as well as Gamepass recently, and the Baseball game is meh.

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This is my thought process on on halo gears launches. May very well be wrong... we will know more at e3

• Multiplayer halo spinoff November 2018- it’s my thought process that while the single player team went to the drawing board after halo 5 the multiplayer people went straight to work. Creating this giant giant void of when the multiplayer/single player teams would be done.

• Gears spinoff(survival horror?) April-October 2019. Thinking that this is mainly splash damages baby.

New console early 2020-late 2020

• halo 6 early 2020-late 2020. 4.5-5 years dev time is long but 343 completely reworked their leadership team presumably for a single player relaunch. If the scope is vastly bigger than 5 it would make sense to take longer. I think for the multiplayer for the first 3 years only a small team would be working on it as most would be on the spinoff. Would give them 1.5-2 years of full staff to finish the project.

• gears 5- early 2021. This game shouldn’t take as long To make because the coalition is very proficient. They got gears ultimate and gears 4 out within what 3 years of company purchasing gears? I think it’s probable that if the game comes out in 2021 coalition will have spent time helping with other projects.

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.

I think the Gears franchise is in need of a severe shakeup, as a franchise it isn't as wildly successful or phenomenal as Halo or Forza.

If Gears 5 comes out, it should be totally different. Ditch the early gameplay mechanics, make it open world, a better story and make it an RPG like Division.

All the Xbox IP need to change up their formula if they are to survive the test of time, as a matter of fact but Gears even more so. It just doesn't hold up as a shooter and is part of a dying brand of dude bro third person shooters.