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My favorite part about the conference was...

...The Last Guardian! 17 14.66%
...Horizon! 20 17.24%
...Hitman! 0 0.00%
...Final Fantasy VII Remake! 50 43.10%
...Call of Duty: Black Ops III! 1 0.86%
...Firewatch! 0 0.00%
...Dreams! 1 0.86%
...Shenmue III!!! 15 12.93%
...Star Wars: Battlefrond! 2 1.72%
...Uncharted 4! 10 8.62%
bananaking21 said:
BraLoD said:

But you underlined the whole post, even the bolded

Even my nickname, so I won't gonna happen? Then I should better go back to '93 and tell it to my parents

Well, aisde of TLG, I agree with you as any sane person should, they simply won't in any probable near future.

TLG is happening this year though. You better active your hapenning bunker already!

holy fuck. i been having some major brain farts these past few days, on this site and in real life. 


the only thing that is gonna happen this year regarding TLG is some serious TLG begging from fans!!



Well, that's already happening xS

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There is a big chance, that sections of Sony's conference will fall short -or "miss" the wow effect.

Here is why.

Star Wars: Battlefront: Gameplay will likely debut at EA's conference hours before Sony's

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: Gameplay was already shown at PSX last year.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate: Gameplay was already shown a few weeks ago.

Destiny *Comet: Destiny has appeared on way to many Sony press conferences. Some want it, some doesn't.

Project Morpheus: Not "game" related. I am afraid it will be too much PR talk.

Fallout 4/Mass Effect 4: Should either of these games appear, then they would have already appeared on other press conferences.

Street Fighter V: Again, we have already seen it in action.


I believe we will see some surprises. It's more a matter of what though. As long as Persona 5 and Uncharted are there, I'm happy. I know I'll be pretty happy with the announcements probably as i typically am. That's not to say Sony has never disappointed me though :/

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I hope so much to see a lot of news from Sony. But personally i gues i will be disappointed. I have the bad feeling that they not showing much new fist party games. And maybe 1-2 small 3rd party games..

I want a resident evil exclusiv for the PS4
I want Monster Hunter to come back to Playstation
The last Guardian
FF7 real Remake not this stupid PC Version remade
Syphon Filter
New IPs and more 3rd Party exclusives.

I am from Switzerland, so please accept my bad english ;)

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Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


AbbathTheGrim said:

LMFAO love this guy

Mike_L said:

Nice thread Kylee.

I'm hoping to see some of 1st and 2nd party games known/rumored to be in development for PS4. Of course I don't expect them all to be present this E3 (gotta have something for TGS and PSX as well) let alone true.

Arc the Lad - Japan Studio (hint 1)
Dark Cloud/Chronicle - Level-5 (hint 12)
Dragon Quest XI - Square Enix (hint 1)
Gran Turismo 7 - Polyphony Digital (hint 1)
Gravity Rush - Team Gravity (hint 1)
The Last Guardian - Team Ico (hint 1)
The Legend of Dragoon - Japan Studio (hint 1)
Wild Arms - Media Vision (hint 1)

North America:
God of War - Santa Monica (hint 12)
The Last of Us 2 - Naughty Dog (hint 1)
New open world horror IP, probably for Morpheus - Bend Studio (hint 1)
New open world game - Sucker Punch (hint 1)
Ratchet & Clank Redux - Insomniac Games (hint 1)

New character action game with vehicles, probably for Morpheus - London Studio (hint 12)
New game in a multi-million selling franchise - Guerrilla Cambridge (hint 1)
New IP very different from Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls - Quantic Dream (hint 1)
New open world WRPG IP "Horizon" written by Fallout: New Vegas writer - Guerrilla Games (hint 12)
New play, create, share IP, probably for Morpheus - Media Molecule (hint 1)


Additionally, I really hope that Sanzaru is working on a 3D platformer (Jak & Daxter/Sly Cooper/new IP) and Evolution Studios is working on a new racer (Wipeout/MotorStorm/new IP) but neither are hinted/rumored at all afaik.

Also I wouldn't mind London and Bend to work on The Getaway and Syphon Filter respectively after their Morpheus games :)

Great contribution. Bubble ... wrong site.


The PS5 Exists. 

Nicee tagging!

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