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spurgeonryan said:
baloofarsan said:

I have seen this since before christmas IIRC. But I live in Europe so I do not know if it is real.


Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Limited Edition Skylanders Swap Force Basic Set


Do you work at Walmart? Have you seen this?

Nothing. Still the same. I still am waiting for an official Wii U price cut.

Me too, this is cheap because it's a dead stock,come one people have you forgotten that production 8gb wii u version has been abolished?Plus that this has skylanders,UGH...

We need a cheaper premium pack or deluxe set,this is how it's being called in the USA!:P

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No reason to drop the gamepad, that gamepad screen could easily be made a lot smaller so it sits in the middle of a conventional type controller that resembles the xbone/ds4 and has a touch screen pretty similar to the touch screen of a 3DS/DS. There isn't much circuitry in the gamepad and it could all be integrated in a normal controller quite easily. I would also like them to add back in analogue triggers and a higher capacity li-ion pack so it lasts a decent time. I would then re-launch the wii u with the new improved gamepad, bundled wii mote and nunchuck and ensure the console is available in a wide range of colours.


daredevil.shark said:
Wii U could have been completely different.
1. 1 TF of processing power.
2. No gamepad only pro controller.
3. Splatoon as launch title. And many must have games since Nintendos Wii support became barren after 2010.
4. Actual focus on third parties as they said. Actively working with them.
5. Decent price tag.

The reason we keep getting "why Wii U didnt do well" threads because many havent accepted it. Live the truth. Time to enjoy the system.

I do love love love the gamepad though! But having said that, I know it is holding it back.

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I'm still optimistic about the Wii U reaching 14M lifetime.

I'm now filled with determination.

Stefan.De.Machtige said:
burning_phoneix said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

The Wii U is down to sub 30k. What's the point of accepting those numbers for Nintendo? Nintendo will replace it asap. 2016 must be their target.

The next home console will luanch in 2017 At the Earliest. Nintendo already announced that NX will not be at E3 2015.

I highly doubt they'll announce the system at E3 2016 and launch it the very same year.

I do think the DS Successor will launch 2016 though.

Tradition would say that, but a weekly sub 30k is far more powerfull then any tradition. Annoucing and Launching both handheld and console at 2016 is perfectly possible with the will do so. And that will will grow stronger every day with those sales.

I wouldn't even be surprised to see Nintendo break their promise to show anything about the NX at this E3. They need any positive news and just showing off the NX concept could instill that in developers and the overal market.

The WiiU hasn't even hit its first price cut yet and launching both a Handheld and a console in the same year is something Nintendo would want to avoid in order to reduce sales cannibalism. (I believe the only time they released both a console and a Handheld in the same year was 2001 GBA/GC).


The WiiU still has life in it yet, I'm putting my money on NX coming out 2017.

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Ninten78 said:

I've accepted that the Wii U wont outsell GCN,I changed my lifetime to 18M,I still think it can make 20M or maybe barely outsell GCN's 21.7M if it gets 199$ price soon. I think Nintendo after the Wii got cocky like how sony did with ps3.Plus the Wii U name was confusing and no games in it's 1st year.It had potential to at least match SNES in my opinion.But I hope they learnt from this and can do a lot better next gen,I hope they can match NES sales next gen with their Wii U's successor we know nothing about.Nintendo is a wildcard you never know what they will come up with.

So lets just enjoy the Wii U its a great console and has great games and more to come.

Nintendo didn't get cocky. Nintendo wasnt used to those numbers which Sony was already accustomed to. They tried to focus on trends which were going on outside of the gaming industry and tripped hard while trying to gather hardcore gamers back to their territory simultaneously. The Wii audience was a rarity because they dont frequent gaming generationally. The Wii was something that people who dont game could sometimes play their hand in using. Take away the Wii and you'll see that Nintendo since Sony took over has only been selling around 20-30 mil consoles per gen.

RolStoppable said:
I remember when in mid-2013 noname2200 said to me that at this time it can already be considered a victory if the Wii U beats the GC in lifetime sales. I argued that the Wii U still has many big games coming for it, plus several price cuts as opposed to the GC which had nowhere to go in regards to price pretty quickly.

Then in late November of the same year I said to noname2200 that at this time it can already be considered a victory if the Wii U reaches half of the GC's lifetime sales.

Gosh, what a piece of trash the Wii U is.

Saleswise, yes. As for the software though, I'm totally enjoying the library. My brother just got back from uni, we borrowed a friend's Xbox360 and at the end of the day, my brother has spent more time playing the Wii U than the Xbox anyway.

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Give it good software, it'll be fine in my book.

15m lifetime seems more reasonable tbh

There is really no link between this and the PS3.
The PS3 was simply too expensive while trying to do too much with a very complex and powerful system and pushing the adoption of the Blu-ray. It was not a failure like the WiiU, it sold at least 4x more than what the WiiU can hope to sell. It had a strong life all over the gen and was able to pick up to it competitor even with it having a year headstart.

Nintendo didn't got cocky, the WiiU is not a cocky project at all, it's underpowered and cheaper than the others.
It simply went back to were Nintendo was, totally out of touch with the consumers.

The Wii was the exception, not the Wii U, Nintendo is simply out of touch with the market ever since 3D came to videogame consoles.