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ThatDanishGamer said:
fireburn95 said:
ThatDanishGamer said:
I wonder if they have spend some facebook money on exclusive games from third party publishers.

I can see Facebook supporting some projects but I don't think there's much to gain for Oculus/FB from buying exclusives.

Which would you pick? The VR headset with 10 multiplatform games or the VR headset with 10 multiplatform games and awesome 3 exclusive games?

Which would you pick? A console that has every multiplatform game or a PlayStation with support 16 first party studios and every multiplatform game?

What I mean is that Oculus or facebook aren't interested in driving the adoption of PC unlike hardware manufacturers. Therefore an exclusive serves no purpose. If Oculus buys exclusives for their VR, they will essentially be risking entering a war with Valve/HTC who may end up doing the same. They don't want other games to not be on their platform due to another PC VR device's exclusive arrangements, especially when Oculus will rely so heavily on valve due to Steam.

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An Occulus conference sounds really boring honestly...

Oculus live now

This guy can talk...

fireburn95 said:


Courtesy Cheesemeister from Gaf. We love you.

Catch Oculus' event live here:

Link http://www.twitch.tv/oculus

Don't copy random editorials.

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Ohhh didn't knew their was an thread, in one hour the guys from Xcom will have an E3 event.

This has been BRUTALLY embarrassing to watch so far. Rift honestly may be DOA with what HTC Vive is offering also, curious to see how the rest of the conference turns out.

Wowwww. I work 7AM-730PM Pacific (PST) on Monday ;_; I'll be missing the best conferences.

Lol Phil Spencer is there :D

Halo ...Forza with the rift..... Gonna pre order it!