Why do people on this site think Splatoon is going to do so well?

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Splatoon sales prediction

<500k 91 13.28%
500K-800k 123 17.96%
800k-1.2 million 131 19.12%
1.2million-1.6 million 100 14.60%
1.6million-2million 70 10.22%
2 million+ 170 24.82%

To start out, I want to say that I'm legitimately asking this question and not trying to start a flame war (although a flame war may very well ensue). I really just don't see how this game will sell that well. It's a new type of shooter, sure, but was anyone really asking for a shooter like this? To me, it gives off a vibe of a $20 downloadble game, not a $60 release. Like if fat princess cost the price of a full game. It just doesn't look worth it to me.  I'm not saying that this looks like a bad game by any means, I just don't see how this game has mass appeal. Can someone honestly explain this to me? Because I really just don't see where all this confidence is coming from. 

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It looks like a very good game, that has to count or this industry would be in danger.

Yea, it lacks content at release, but it should do well. Not Destiny/Watch Dogs well, but well enough for a Wii U exclusive new IP.

I didn't originally. But Nintendo is pushing this thing harder than a constipated woman giving birth. So it swayed me into thinking it'll do well.

I wouldn't say $20, I'd say $40.

There seems to be plenty of hype for the game. So many people played it at the last Test Fire that is crashed the servers. Japan is looking like it is going to have a 150K first week. The game is doing well on Amazon. Has had a large marketing campaign. And it looks like Nintendo is serious about making this game a success.

Though, this game should be $50.


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People are robbing trucks with the game:


It's the new Air Jordans.

I think it has the potential to sell well.
if it goes over a million(worldwide) before the years end, id be impressed.
Kirby having a hard time selling makes me question the Wii U's ability to sell anything that doesn't have a picture of Mario on the cover.


This is how every Nintendo exclusive is treated. Personally it looks like a colorful indie.

The game is fun. Its almost universally praised by people who have played the game. And it shows in the preorders. I was on Amazon last night and it was at number 3. Preorders are there. Same with Japan, EU etc.

Well I heard it did over 100K pre-orders in Japan alone, so it should sell well enough

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