The lies of Slightly Mad (Project Cars) Head of the studio confess that they were overpromising

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I hate them a bit :) 44 16.79%
I hate them a lot :D 36 13.74%
Nah, just a bunch of liars 66 25.19%
Project Liar 115 43.89%
StarOcean said:
I wouldn't call them liars, probably more along the lines of over ambitious? They probably thought they could do it but later found they couldn't. It sucks and It'd be cool if it makes it too Wii U, but even if it does it seems apparent that it'd be the lesser of the rest of the released platforms.

When that happens the normal reaction is a downgrade and an extra effort for the optimization. Not cancelling a game and releasing it 2 years later on another console.  The only thing we wanted was a good sim racing with Gran Turismo 6 graphics ( a little better maybe) Is too much to ask for that on a console that is clearly superior to ps3? we don´t need a new state of the art graphics.

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those lies...those awful lies.

Tsubasa Ozora

Keiner kann ihn bremsen, keiner macht ihm was vor. Immer der richtige Schuss, immer zur richtigen Zeit. Superfussball, Fairer Fussball. Er ist unser Torschützenkönig und Held.

Lazy. It turned out to be easier to develop for ps4 and xb1, so they went from creating a game solely for Wii U, to the very opposite. They are lazy and cowardly. But I'm sure they'll cut a profit and we have all learned a lesson. Don't trust people.

I think this is ridiculous because first of all people supported this for WiiU on kickstarter so they should at least release a low-res version that is optimized for WiiU to run at 30fps.

Secondly, it is ridiculous that at once they see the potential in the U and then as they go along they change their minds. It goes to show that we just can't trust anything in PR at all.

Lastly, how many OPs on vgchartz have purely quoted articles from other sites and we have said nothing about it? Seriously learn to police OPs if you want to be a watchdog. Or just stop being a watchdog and let the mods do their jobs.

They promised things they can't deliver.

Now the internet will devour them.

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Looks like reality just sank in.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

t3mporary_126 said:

If this was a normal game development, I would be inclined to agree with you. But this is a kickstarter game where people are donating their cash for a potential game. The developer is obviously encouraging their donators (and marketing to future ones!) that a Wii U is more than capable of providing the core Project Cars experience.

Except it's not Kickstarter. They invited people to "invest" in their vision in return for financial returns on their investment, not a specific platform release of a game.

The "kickstaring" was a financial investment with a promise of financial returns if the project ws successful. The project has been released, it's doing very well at the moment. Investors will likely see a profitable return on thier initial outlay.

This forum has really got the wrong end of the stick of what has happened here.

The only people being burned, are the ones who refuse to game on anything other than a Nintendo console but really really want a racing sim.

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I wonder if the game didn't sell as anticipated on the other platforms and they don't feel like they can make any sort of profit on Wii U either so they're just giving up.

Or they just don't give a shit either way. Whichever one.

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I'm pissed because I was actually looking forward to this.

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Sad to hear, but I'll be sticking with Mario Kart if I want to play racing games

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