Nintendo @ E3 '15: Our Muppet Bodies Weren't Ready

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Is Your Body Ready?

Yes. 40 24.39%
No. 14 8.54%
Not my problem. 12 7.32%
I feel like a Purple Pikmin. 16 9.76%
Hey Bill, you're Fired. 23 14.02%
What's wrong with you? 8 4.88%
I'm about kickin' ass. 6 3.66%
I'm about takin' names. 3 1.83%
My body is Reggie. 42 25.61%


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Wel, that wasn't good :(.

They are holding back a whole lot for next year. This can only mean that NX/Fusion is coming next year.

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Wow, can't believe how awful that was.

Im done with Nintendo. Selling my stuff. Never buying anything from that company anymore. Never defending them ever.

oh snap....

hmm, this hasn't been a good show so far.


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So yeah, called it, I'm a prophet!

Wow, that was it? I mean there were some good games but where were all the games we know are bloody coming for freaking goodness sake? FFV? Bravely Second? And what was up with that Animal Crossing game? And what was up with that Animal Crossing game? Seriously Nintendo, you left out all those games and had nothing else to make up for it? They should have not had the micro direct or all these other little announcements and put it in THIS one! And where were was the indie love? They have good games to show there! FOR GOODNESS SAKE NINTENDO YOU DID THIS RIGHT LAST YEAR, JUST FOLLOW THE FORMULA THAT WORKED!

: ( Time to pack my bags and go home....



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And they had a lot of fluff with talking. ELIMINATING THAT was the whole point of their event setup! Just...wow. And so help me if they announce several games in the Treehouse or something I will be super pissed. Because they could have removed all the wasted minutes in their DE and had THAT content in there.

what a horrible event...

seriously... what a waste of time