What are you most looking to get in Star Fox U?

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I just want good old star fox 64 fun

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At least a 15 hour story

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What I have gotten from reading through the thread is most people really want a good single player experience. With a heavy focus on flying. Multiplayer would be nice. But a nice long campaign is what you want in this game. though, I stand strong for a heavy online focus Start fox.


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Huge bosses. Combination of standard on-rails gameplay and large-scale space combat in an expansive All-Range Mode. Same basic mission progression structure as SF64, but with more missions and more complex branching paths. No on-foot missions: Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue Marine only.

Basically, have it be like Star Fox 64 in terms of basic gameplay but much bigger in scale and scope.

I want 16v16 online akin to Warhawk!!!!!

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I am not a big fan of the on rails parts tbh. And Star Fox never was supposed to be a pure on rails game anyway.

"The series was never intended to be limited to linear 3D scrolling stages"

A Coop campaign would be awesome too. But lets assume that Platinum is making the game  They are not capable of implementing a good coop mode. All they do is challenges. W101 or Bayo2 etc. Why cant they just make the whole game get a coop campaign?

I'd actually like to see Platinum announced as the co-developers, I think they could have a positive influence on this franchise, even if just from a presentation perspective.

Maraccuda said:
I want 16v16 online akin to Warhawk!!!!!

I would absolutely love that! But, I have a feeling they would never create a online game with that many people in one room at once.... Sadly.


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I'd like an online deathmatch mode. This could be airwings only, but i have to say that I really enjoyed the multiplayer in Star Fox Assault. I wouldn't mind seing an improved version of that online. And yes this includes Landmasters and on foot sections.

While the main focus should be on classic on rails Star Fox, I still think on foot sections, Ladmaster etc could all be great additions to Star Fox. It just needs to be implemented well. Kid Icarus Uprising, to me at least, showed the 2 can be combined perfectly fine. I think that's the only way Star Fox can ever grow to be a truly big franchise for Nintendo. They can keep Sin and Punishment as their pure on rails shooter franchise. It's the better franchise anyway.

Also, lots of different paths to unlock new levels. And hopefully the game is longer than the previous ones. They do tend to be very short.

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I would like it to look and play something like Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Had a lot of fun with that game!