Will GTA VI sell more than GTA V?

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Yes, i see GTA VI to sell even better! 23 23.71%
I think will sell at the same level 15 15.46%
No, but will be close 22 22.68%
Not even close, GTA V sold too crazy. 37 38.14%

Could be, if they pull another late cycle/new gen port thingy - GTAV is good game (IMO, nowhere near as good as San Andreas), and it seems that mainstream audience was quite satisfied with it.

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only if it released on 10 platforms like GTA5

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I think GTA VII will suffer more to be fair. GTA V will die down over the years as more and more people kind of forget about it, and then when GTA VI is announced in all of it's next gen/current gen glory it'll be huge. So yeah it'll be very close.

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No...And the answer is simple,xbox one isn't xbox 360,if you know what I mean,also will they remaster it in the next gen?Maybe not,It's too risky,they might burn the franchise someday,same is valid if they port it to previous gen(of course it will be at normal levels(6m ps3/xbox360-and I'm generous by saying that-since 7th gen is dying but it can help gta v to this tough mission...
Although,in my opinion ,with these too risky tactics is possible to outsell gtav... Xbox 360,ps3,ps4,xbox one,pc,ps5,xboxtwo seven platforms...

No, I think It land somehwere between 4 and 5, both in terms of sales and release schedule.

Last gen we got a proper GTA pretty early, I don't think we'll get a PS4 GTA til 2017/2018

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It'll sell better than GTA V because I'm sure they'll manage to hype it to the heavens. They'll use trailers, screenshots and new additions to GTA Online to make sure everyone is talking about it and that everyone desires it.

Personally, I think it'll sell 30-35 million. More than GTA 5 and San andreas, but less than GTA V. It'll probably stabilise from there and sell around 30 million per game.

enrageorange said:
I don't think it will be close. GTA5 had the perfect set of release dates that allowed it to be a massive hit on 4 consoles and PC. GTA6 will likely release during the middle of the xb1/ps4 lifecycle and only really sell on those consoles.

Totally agree with that. The userbase was massive on the old consoles and I bet there are a lot of people who bought it once more for current gen consoles.

GTA7 might be another story, though it's doubtful that it's coming out this gen. (unless they pull a GTA 3 -> Vice City -> San Andreas)

Only if it releases on mobile: GTA VI, Pocket Edition XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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GTA V sales startegy was handled perfectly. First you release the "lesser" versions of the game on a 160M+ userbase. Then a year later you release improved versions with additional content on more powerful consoles with a 30M+ userbase. Then 6 months later you release the definitive version on PC. Most people who have it on PS4/X1 also had the PS3/X360 version so Rockstar were able to sell two different versions of GTA V to the same people, maybe in some cases 3 versions (PC).

Having said that I'd say GTA VI might do it, but I wouldn't bet on it. It will be very difficult to sell the same amount of combined copies as GTA V did. First GTA VI probably won't be released only in the final period of this gen's lifecycle (but then again, that depends on how long this gen's gonna be). And second I don't think that there will be a 160M+ installed userbase for PS4+X1 this gen.

So answering to OP's question I'd go with a big fat no, but really who knows for sure?