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What Franchise Would You Bring Back?

F-Zero 27 50.00%
Mother 19 35.19%
Ice Climbers 6 11.11%
Punch-Out 1 1.85%
Game & Watch 1 1.85%

That would be pretty terrible PR for the fans of the franchises that will inevitably lose.

Well, this is new.


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I find nintendo shines the most when developing new ips... Splatoon, pikmin etc... When they challenge themselves and are truly innovative..

Many of the franchises were created in the 80s, and thus altough they evolve, might not always be as contemporary as they should be.

Disney came back in business cause they evolved, nintendo needs to create new ips as well and not rest too much on their laurels.

StarTropics, bruh


Captain_Yuri said:
Nahh, I like surprises. If I see a pre-done selection, it kinda takes away from the surprise

Well, they could not say the results.



Nah Nintendo knows what franchises sell, the hardcore internet minority won't change their mind. And I doubt any on that list would break even.

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I think this would be a rather pointless idea.

Fans would essentially dictate what Nintendo should develop, and if Nintendo doesn't have any good ideas to pick up these franchises, it won't end up well.

No. Nintendo as a creative entity evolve past certain projects and IPs and we just have to live with that. Its like begging Naughty Dog to make another Crash Bandicoot game even though they would rather make Uncharted and games like TLOU. If stuff like this happened we might not see games like Splatoon and TLOU because fans would be demanding something they made before.

I don't think they should make this ballot, but they should absolutely make F-Zero a thing again.

I think it would be a good idea to gauge what people would want Ninten to make, but at the same time. others have already stated why it may not be such a good idea. It`s sorta a grey area.



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