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Rate Nintendo's preformance for the Switch launch


A big thanks to Cone for all the time and energy he put into the last thread.

And best of luck to Platina, the new Big Boss! 

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Clyde32 said:

Was this intentional?

First Catch! :D

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Here lies the hidden threads. 

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It was just the end of the beginning!

Sign me up for the MK8 tounament.

Clyde32 said:

Was this intentional?


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Typo in the title :P


Edit: ninja'd

But great thread! Just in time for Splatoon, E3, and the Nintendo World Championships.

Platina said:
Clyde32 said:

Was this intentional?

First Catch! :D

3 points awarded?

Ueltrah! Enter me into dat MK8 tourney! :D

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Let the domination begin. Thanks to cone for the last thread.


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Hey I'm here guys. :D finished my last final at 10:30 been in the game room playing smash. My yoshi is god like :D

Japan Switch Sales comparison vs 3ds and Wii u:

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I'm in for the tourney Ultra.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.