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What do you think of Splatoon so far?

Perfect! 66 39.76%
Great 67 40.36%
Decent 23 13.86%
Mediocre 5 3.01%
Terrible 5 3.01%

Was doing great today. Controls are perfect! I did not perceive any lag or other issues.

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Gammalad said:
I had a blast, I actually came into glitches where the ground wouldn't ink despite the other team being able to, and the lack of communication didn't help, But other than that it was awesome!

That happened to me too, but I was disconnected shortly after so that's probably. Oh and yeah, disconnected in the middle of a game, but only one so far isn't too bad I guess.

Glad to see people enjoying the demo, seeing a lot of Splatoon threads here today! XD

For the sake of trimming similar threads down, I'm gonna lock this in favor of merging discussion with this older Global Testfire/Impressions thread. Hope to see some continued great discussion! :)