Which of your consoles died first?

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Which of your consoles died first?

Atari 2600 3 1.33%
NES 14 6.19%
Genesis 3 1.33%
SNES 3 1.33%
PlayStation 30 13.27%
XBox 7 3.10%
PS2 29 12.83%
Wii 11 4.87%
XBox 360 92 40.71%
other 34 15.04%

I've never had a console break before. Controllers are a different story...

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PS1- about 3 or 4 times
PS2- 2 times
Xbox 360- 1 time

ps2/ps3/360 have die on me. 360 have the record for 4 months of durability though

The fastest one to die was the compact redesign of the orginal Playstation, which I only had a little over a week. I had two others die on me but they lasted a while. Only went through three PS2 consoles (though one I lost because an ex-friend of mine sold it for drugs along with 100+ games that I lent him while he was recovering after he broke his leg.). I'm still on my original gamecube, Wii and Wii U. I went through five 360 but most lasted several months before dying. I only had one Xbox.

All my cart systems that I didn't take apart for science (RIP my 2600) work. Even the one where my little brother dumped over a gallon of cheep orange soda on still works. (It was an SNES and WalMart use to carry there old 5-liter bottle of their cheap soda. We thought it was gonner and bought another one but we tried it power it up a few months latter and it worked.<Wanted to play a different game, and two people in the house where pack rats.>)

my Xbox 360 broke 3 times, but my dreamcast is damaged after i used it for 3 month but that because i didn't use a power adapter , LOl my own mistake.

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My launch 360 died around 2 years in from rrod, and I tossed it in storage and bought a new one, 60gb launch ps3 died about 5 years in, same deal for storage, last year Tamron revived them both on a reballing station, used leaded solder balls on a bga stencil, for GPUs, CPUs, memory, and the ANNA/HANNA chips on the 360, both now work flawlessly.

New consoles that had high nm interconnects generated a lot of heat, heat + RoHS solder = failure.


Ironically I still have my launch day ps1 and 20 years on (wow I feel old) it still runs fine.

Every console I've owned (all playstation) so far I've given away before it broke down, so at present my number of broken consoles is zero.

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For me, only my Gamecube and 360 have stopped working. There are still working consoles from the 80s and 90s in my house.

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The first thing that ever stopped working for me was the Playstation, though I got a good amount of play out of it before hand. It still turns on but tends to skip and nearly freezes entirely when attempting to play a cinematic, making some games unplayable. Still, I was rough with it as a kid, it was somewhat early in the application of CDs in consoles, and worked for quite a while, so I wasn't that upset (not to mention the PS2/3 were backwards compatible so I didn't really need it).

After that was the Xbox 360 which broke almost immediately, followed by another that broke a year later and my current one that, as of a year ago, ceased to work yet again (as in I no longer have a functioning xbox360). If it had happened once I'd be more forgiving, but 3/3 has me pissed off, especially given the Xbox1 isn't backwards compatible.

Finally, as of a couple of years ago my original model NES stopped reading games reliably as non-top loaders tend to do (this was a safeguard against unlicensed games), but after getting a $5 pin connector thingy and spending 20 minutes swapping them out it works beautifully again... Lord do I wish my Xbox360 were so easy to repair lol, no hard feelings here seeing as how I got nearly 30 years of use out of it prior to requiring a Big Mac and fries' worth of repairs.

Otherwise, all of my consoles work dating back to the 1978 model of Atari VCS. Only the Playstation and Xbox360 seemed to have real problems immediately, with the NES inevitably encountering issues down the road if it's not a top loader.

As for handhelds, Nintendo deserves credit for creating some stellar, durable hardware in this field, as does Sony now as well. The only one I've had a problem with is the Sega Gamegear, and it seemed to cease working about a decade ago. The cause of this is from something called "capacitor rot", resulting from cheap capacitors that cease to function over time. The Game Gear is notorious for this. I already have my soldering kit and shall soon buy the kit of capacitors for both the screen and audio, but definite points off for perhaps the most inevitable failure of functionality I've encountered outside of the Xbox 360.

For the most part I've been impressed with the hardware behind consoles and handhelds, and really they've handled the transition from cartridges to CDs and complex operating systems quite well. The Xbox360, though, undoubtedly stands out more than any other in lacking reliable durability.

My nephew (actually my ex-fiancee's nephew but he calls me uncle) and I were both fighting tooth and nail to get the PS2. The damn thing sold out like instantly and he got one but I couldn't. I was only able to get a copy of SSX and no console.

Anyway, his console was broken right out of the box. He had Tekken Tag Tournament and it was the most amazing looking game I had ever seen....for like five seconds. The fan on the PS2 wasn't working so by the time the first round would start, the console would turn off. He couldn't take it back to the store because there just weren't any PS2s to trade. He just sent it back to Sony.

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