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Sorry if this has been covered already, but I didn't feel like browsing the 157,000 pages of the Brawl Thread,  but is anyone else having severe problems connecting to games online through Brawl? I've tested my wireless connection and it works just fine through the internet channel, but when I try to go online in Brawl, either:

A) I simply can't get past the main connection screen(disconnects, or times out)

B) Sit around waiting for someone to join my game, but no one does, or I eventually get disconnected.

 Is this something that's been affecting  a lot of others? Possibly due to the game being just released and network bugs that simply haven't been ironed out, or is the problem on my end?

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There were similar problems with Strikers during its first week. Nothing to worry about.

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I have had those problems too. Once I found it it was not me -- than I didn't worry about it. I think it is just initial system overload. On Sunday it was fine but by Monday it was a mess.

When I finally got an on-line play anyone game going last night, I took the lead with 30 seconds to go, and then got tied in the last 1.5 seconds and lost in sudden death. I need to learn how to play better.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully I'll have better luck tonight.

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I've had only one successful Basic Brawl (with anyone) on Sunday but since then no luck there. Monday night was particularly horrible, I couldn't join friend games but friends could join the games I created..... go figure!

This morning I played a couple of games with Kitler and Meow and it went smoothly except for a bit of lag.

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Duplicate thread.

And if you're going to be too lazy to find the duplicates (Ctrl+F is your friend) then I'm going to be too lazy to show it to you.