NBA Playoffs 2015 NBA FINALS. Warriors win Series 4-2!

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Golden State Warriors 53 66.25%
Cleveland Cavaliers 27 33.75%

Curry with the airball. Ouch

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Let's go Cavs

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Not just Curry, but the Warriors in general just didn't execute.
Other than Thompson who had an amazing game, nobody showed up and played like crap, MAREESE SPEIGHTS HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MISS A WIDE OPEN DUNK AT THE END OF THE 3RD QUARTER?!? HOW?!?. Whereas the Cavaliers played with urgency and desperation.
A disappointing effort from the Warriors tonight. I expected much better from a team that won 67 games in the regular season.

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Damn what a game, Lebron was a beast is crazy to belive that he played at such a high level for over 50 minutes but that's expected from the best player in the world Dellavedova was so clutch and played amazing defense on Curry, JR Smith once a knicks player... Overall a fantastic game 2. Oh and the refs were terrible.


Didn't catch the game today but I've seen the results. Seems like the Cavs are reminding us how they got into the Finals with an injured Irving and Love in the post season. Stats show the Cav bench stepping up with Irving gone and contributing more than the Warriors' bench. And Curry didn't seem to play well today unlike Thompson.

All tied up and the next two games are at Cleveland and I expect the Warriors to respond with a win in one of those games. Looks like we got a series guys!

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What a game. The Cleveland defense was crazy, especially Dellavedova who really held Curry back. You know the atmosphere in Cleveland is going to be insane given that they just won after the doom and gloom of game one and this is their first finals win.

Nuvendil said:
What a game. The Cleveland defense was crazy, especially Dellavedova who really held Curry back. You know the atmosphere in Cleveland is going to be insane given that they just won after the doom and gloom of game one and this is their first finals win.

OMG that's right! xD

Although some would argue the Cavs should have won that one Finals game against the Spurs where Lebron's buzzer beater shot was waved off.

TheGoldenBoy said:
Chris Hu said:
Lets the all time great NBA team old rule style (12 man roster) would be:
Starting five:
PF Tim Duncan
SF Larry Bird
C Wilt Chamerlain
PG John Stockton
SG Michael Jordan

PF Bill Russel
SF LeBron James
C Shaquile O'Neal
PG Magic Johnson
SG Kobe Bryant
PF Karl Malone
C Kareem Abdul Jabar

So not putting Stockon in the all time top ten is totally ridiculous he pretty much would be a starter on almost everyones all time NBA team and if not he would be in the top 5 bench players. Titles are all well and good but please have a look at his all time assist and steal numbers no one else is even close and nobody else will come close to those on top of all that he is one of the most durable players of all time he only missed four games in his first thirteen seasons and 22 in his entire career. In his 19 year career there are only two season where he didn't play in all the games he missed four games in the 1989-90 season and eighteen games in the 1997-98 season. Best passer of all time best pure point guard of all time one of the best defenders of all time and one of the most durable players of all time the only knock against him is that he never played on a team that had enough all around talent to win a title. Anyone that doesn't put him in the all time top ten player just doesn't know much about basketball overall. Winning titles is about having a great team around you.

Apparently reading comprehension is difficult for you. What part of Top 10 list does not equate to building the greatest team do you not understand? No one, except for Utah Jazz homers, put John Stockton in their Top 10 lists. Hell, I don't think I've ever seen a player say Stockton is Top 10.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2232060-br-nba-legends-100-ranking-the-greatest-players-of-all-time (Stockton is 23)
http://www.basketball-reference.com/awards/slam_500_greatest.html (Stockton is 22)
http://sporteology.com/top-10-greatest-nba-players-time/ (Stockton is 26)
http://www.ibtimes.com/top-50-greatest-nba-players-all-time-where-jordan-kobe-lebron-bird-land-basketball-1952638 (Stockton is 32)

These are just a few lists and none of them have Stockton even close. But I'm sure them and everyone is wrong and you're right . . .

That last line was sarcasm by the way.

I'm not a Utath Jazz homer his numbers speak for themselves.  Most career assist, most career steals, second highest career assist average, best career assist to turnover margin, lead the league in assist for nine straight years, two time steals leader, won two gold medals, averaged a career double double with points and assists, one of the most durable players of all time, made it into the postseason every year he played, ten time nba all star, made the nba all defense 1st, 2nd or 3rd squad 16 times. 

Nuvendil said:

Yeah, sorry but I wouldn't have Stockton at starting PG either. I would go Jerry West. He's flexible with great offensive and defensive capabilities. 27 points (no 3 point line either and he shot from deep), 5.8 rebounds, 6.7 assists. Blocks and steals weren't tracked, but official estimates put it at .7 to 1 blocks and 2.6 to 3 steals per game. And he could achieve multiple blocks and 6 to 10 steals in a game; was reported to do so multiple times. He is reported to have pulled a quadruple double with 44 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists, and 10 blocks. I mean come on, he won the Finals MVP while being on the losing team in 1969; no one else has performed well enough to earn that. The guy is just more flexible and impactful than Stockton based on data.

Well West was a undersized shooting guard and that is the poistion he played most of his career.  John Stockton always was a point guard and is the best pure point guard of all time.

WTF I didnt watch the game because I was dissapointed that irving is injured and that the final wasnt going to be interesting anymore. I am very surprised.