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How many posts per page?

10 11 20.75%
25 12 22.64%
50 11 20.75%
75 2 3.77%
100 17 32.08%

I go with 10. It`s the default, and it works fine for me.



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It's got to be 50 for me, 10 per page is SO annoying, when I come on this site on my phone, by default I'm logged out, so I only see 10 posts per page, and it's just terrible... might even change it to 100 per page just because... yeah.

100. Less clicking overall

25 for me. I find it easier to find specific posts with just 25 per page.

You could change it? That would certainly make finding replies easier.

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I keep it on 10 because I'm already used to it. Besides, 50 pages is one of the things I detest from Neogaf.

DerpSandwich said:
You could change it? That would certainly make finding replies easier.

That's right. You can go to your settings to change the number of posts per page

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still rockin with 10 per page

25 because scrolling on mobile with any more is just a pain.

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10... I don't think I ever changed it.