Who buys "Naruto UNS 4" and/or "One Piece PW 3" ?

Forums - Sony Discussion - Who buys "Naruto UNS 4" and/or "One Piece PW 3" ?

I buy...

both games !! : ) 9 29.03%
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 12 38.71%
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 10 32.26%
Slade6alpha said:
Getting Naruto on One, not a fan of the other.

This lol 

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I'll wait for Naruto until it is cheap. Maybe One Piece because from my understanding it covers the story from the beginning? (have not read or watched the manga/show)


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Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

I didn't play UNS Generations or UNS3 mostly because the games progressively ditched the roaming and just went from fight to cutscene to fight. So I will maybe play UNS4 if there is more gameplay other than the fights. We will definitely buy it because my son will play it for sure, he's a huge Naruto fan.

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After playing Hyrule Warriors and recently starting to watch One Piece, I'm totally going to pick up Pirate Warriors 3. Looks like a blast and a reskined version of Dynasty Warriors can be pretty awesome.

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I own all storm games except revolution. So I am getting UNS 4 in PS4. After playing one piece pirate warriors 1 I am not interested in the franchise.

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I plan to pick up Pirate Warriors 3 at some point, along with Unlimited World Red, when I finally get caught up on th manga. There's still several characters I'm not familiar with, and I'd like to meet them in the source material first. I'm only on the Saobody Archipelago arc, so I still have ~250 chapters before I'll be jumping into any of the games.

As for the other, I have no interest in the Naruto IP after how the manga ended.

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I'll probably get Naruto since it might be the last one.

I will buy Naruto on PS4 but i will not buy OP PW, but if it's a proper One Piece games i will buy.

both games !! : )


Naruto for me too, too late to get in One peice, besides I have never liked the artstyle and animation