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Get up right now and go buy one. And then preorder Splatoon while you're at it.

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Are u a fan of or interested in at least a handful of Nintendo franchises?

If yes, get a Wii U

If no, don't get a Wii U

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I think the decision with respect to games should be pretty clear. You can see what's already out, we know the big hitters that are coming this year, we know some of the big hitters from next year and can make educated guesses about some others. If you're not compelled by the gaming landscape thus far I doubt whether anything will come out next year or the year after that will change that, unless of course you are the kinda of person that buys a system for the a single game.

If you are compelled by the games (I am) then I say go for it, but the other question is should you wait? If fifty bucks matters to you and you are willing to wait a few months, then at least wait for E3 and see if there is any news about a price cut. I doubt anything you see at E3 is less likely to make you want the system but more information never hurts. Personally I think we won't see a price cut until closer to the end of the year but I still wouldn't bet my house on it happening even then. Are you willing to wait that long?

If you are compelled by the games and fifty bucks doesn't make that much difference then the question becomes, what are you waiting for?

Everyone has listed the exclusives already so I won't do that. Instead, I'll just say if the trailers and gameplay of those exclusives look interesting, then you won't be disappointed. If none of those exclusives interest you, then it won't be worth your purchase, obviously. I have had an absolute blast with my Wii U already and I think the best games are yet to come.

I also didn't realize how awesome having BC with the Wii library and GBA and DS virtual console would be. And Earthbound. :) I skipped the Wii generation so catching up on Metroid Prime Trilogy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, Skyward Sword, etc. has made the purchase even more worth it for me.

But even so, I would actually wait until E3. I think we'll see a price cut by the holidays and maybe some incredible bundles. You've waited this long, right?

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

JinxRake said: I haven't really followed Nintendo announcement lately but I am tempted by a Wii U soon.

Is it worth buying one anymore? Or should I simply wait?

Well, let me ask you this, do you game more solo or multiplayer? Are mature titles essential to you? Do mature titles take up most of your gaming time?

If you're big into multiplayer(especially local), then the console is 110% worth the purchase. If mature titles are really important to you... maybe not so much. If single player gaming is your thing and you don't really get into multiplayer all that much... wait a year or two for a big price cut and the games to be really cheap.

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You already have a ps3 and ps3 so adding more games to your library wont hurt.

The virtual console is insane too! A TON of great games from NES, SNES, Wii, ect with more to come!

Also, no one mentioned Devil's Third yet (I think). Very worth it with a ton of great games and many more coming!

I've had the console for year now and I would say that it's good secondary console, as the library is not that diverse. Further, as for whole list "great" exclusives have been given on the thread apart from 3-4 like Mario 3d world, bayo2 and pikmin, rest merely fall into the good category. Some genres are like quality RPGs , sports , shooters are lacking.

But on the other hand the console looks good and the game pad has grown on me. Well in other words if ure a nintendo fan it's a must hv, if u are gaming mostly on PS/xbox then it's a decent secondary console, but don't expect it to take take over your living room. If you're mostly into RPGs then it's not worth it right now

If you enjoy gaming, yes.



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That depends. What games are you interested in getting for the Wii U? If you think there's enough games you want to get for it, go ahead.