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What are those sheep-like objects in the fourth panel?

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Is this someone's vain attempt to ride along the coattails of fkusomot's popularity? For the second time.

Clouds on sticks?

This is the worst piece of shovelware I have seen in my entire life.

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This is exactly like the Wii, it got popular, then everyone tried to copy it's success.

mmhh .... funny ... but is getting old :P

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Pete Doherty doesn't speak that clearly.

This whole "I Blame _____" is getting old. It got old before anybody copied it! Only one was really funny, and that was the one about everyone jumping on the bandwagon and milking the pun for everything it's worth.




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There's no irony in that. There's not even any irony in the fact that there is no irony. You have achieved something that is not normally achievable by a person with a sense of humor.