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Now this is good news!

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This game is the reason I now have a Steam account. It is awesome.

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Carl2291 said:
Now this is good news!

Are you saying everything else is bad news?  Just wow.....wow! :P

Nice. A lot of people don't understand that ability to play this sort of game is what PC gaming, in its core, is mostly about, not GPUs and resolutions.

That said, back to playing Kerbal Space Program...

The whole story of this game makes me incredibly, incredibly happy.

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Good for them, shows that when you make a game that people want and don't screw over your customers you do well. Take notes over devs...

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Congratulation to Colossal Order and Paradox. Great and well deserved sales.

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Amazing what happens when you make a game works and it is what the fans want!


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Arcturus said:
SamuelRSmith said:

I didn't think I'd be able to run it (13" mac book pro with no dedicated gpu). Hell, the official specs says that this thing requires a dedicated gpu. It totally doesn't.

Not sure how you could test it on your rig without first spending the cash though, which sucks. Shame demos aren't a thing anymore.

Hmm, maybe there is hope.

When I compare my laptop to the minimum specs for the game over at http://www.systemrequirementslab.com it says I fail to meet the minimum specs for the video card. Here are the results:

So, maybe I can run it after all if you have no problem without a dedicated gpu? It is a shame that there is no why to test it without purchasing. Maybe I'll take a gamble.

I have a few games that I get that with (fail to meet but I tick all the boxes for video card features) I think it generally means the video card is not officially supported.
Given that you have 2.1GB of dedicated RAM I assume you at least have a dedicated video card (quadro k1000 mobile version, whatever that is) you are probably fine, the game should run... just might run into the odd issue with certain effects.

Unfortunately I definately won't be able to run the game I don't have a GPU other than the on-board HD4000, which I think only has 128MB of dedicated RAM