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Hey I knew slarvax before he became famous xD

Ltd predictions by the time 9th Gen comes out


Xbox one :75 million( was 65) 

Wii u: 20 milliion

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Congrats guys! I'm sure you'll do great!

Congrats!!! :)


Nice. gratz

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It's an honor to be a part of this team! I was 16 when I first started visiting this site, I never would have imagined working for it one day!

Ka-pi96 said:
Can't say I'm familiar with Zuhyc, but the other two seem like great choices

Well I've been here for almost 8 years, I'm just not that big of a poster :)

Congrats guys!

February Voting Thread 
January Results Thread....(work in progress)

Soon Veknoid will also be a Game DB Admin, then an Admin...

Then he will take the mantle of ioi.

Now's the time to start sucking up! You're the best Vek and I looove you!

(Congratulations to all three! :D)

Grahhhh, I'm still incredibly frustrated that I can't get in on this, and tempted to just do it anyway... Too dang busy though. I just need to make it until the positions are filled so I won't be tempted anymore, haha.

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great news, this site has to be less reliant on numbers recent days show. We need more reviews etc. and the Game Data base needs serious updates too.