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The following users have been added to the VGChartz Writing Team today:

Zuhyc - Sales Analysis
Veknoid_Outcast - Reviews, General Articles
Slarvax - General Articles

Congratulations to these three; I look forward to reading your output.

The deadline for applications hasn't yet been reached, and we do still have a couple of slots left to fill, so there's still time to get a sample to us. If you're interested in joining the Writing Team head on over to the Recruitment Thread here.

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Congrats guys!!! Remember us when ur famous!


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Can't say I'm familiar with Zuhyc, but the other two seem like great choices

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Kudos guys, hope Kylee get a spot as well.

Congrats to the new ioi slaves writers.

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Congrats to the new writers.

Congrats to our new writers!


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Congrats all! Looking forward to seeing your chops!

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

That's awesome! Congrats, guys!

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Congrats to you three!

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