Why is the Sonic fanbase the worst?

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I think Chris-Chan knows the answer to that question!

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TBH this is my opinion, but i think the sonic community isnt as close as bad, as the call of duty community, or some other huge game like league of legends, i see alot of sonic fans still liking the bad sonic games. I dont think they are that bad

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Oh boy. Here we go.


I just want to get to the bottom of this, that fanbase is shat on constantly and I'm curious to see why.

Sure, they've made a few bad games, really bad broken games that've bruised the Sonic brand, but again, the fans are still there. They're loyal, not the worst.

We're talking about a fanbase that bitches that sonic lost weight and got taller. On the reverse side. Mario fans don't draw blood because Mario's overalls are now blue. And not called Jumpman anymore.

The sonic fanbase isn't the worst. At least they make an effort to keep the series alive.


The worst fanbase is the Mega man one. They talk about how Capcom killed the series when the only people they should be blaming is themselves. They don't buy enough games and then complain, a bunch of hypocrites if you ask me.

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