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I think I would find it at least somewhat.

I dislike fetching stuff like, so much....

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You should reconsider. The game really becomes awesome after 20 more hours. Just remember to leave the Hinterland!

I like your handy work OP.

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I've played around 40 hours of it, but I got bored of it about halfway through the story.
Not sure if I'll go back to it at some point.

I'm playing through it now, and have largely enjoyed it so far.

The environments are great, really enjoy just wandering around, coming across new quests. The characters, the main ones, are interesting enough, and I like the fact they have their own personal quests that you unlock by talking to them. The combat is decent, and hasn't become a chore yet.

Having said that, combat is on the easy side, I have only died once so far. Also think the characters could have more variation in their ability trees. Even with the specializations they unlock, they are too similar. My only other big complaint would be the bad guy. 45 hours in so far, and I have only seen him once. He isn't present enough to feel as important as the game wants him to be.

Overall, it is an 8/10 for me. That may change, but it has definitely been a good purchase as of right now. I'm not sure 6 hours is enough of a chance to give a game of this size, but that does vary so I understand why you would give up on it.

I heard that the first 20 hours can be a grind, but after that the game can pick up.

If you want you can give it another chance but obviously its up to you! :)


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I loved it. Was a digital purchase, don't regret it at all. I intend to go back and do a nightmare/insanity difficulty playthrough for the platinum on it at a later date.

I feel you on the Gamefly love though.

I played in my cousins house last week(~20 hours playing).

My 3 problems with the game are:

- The MMO-ish grinding bounty side mission.(too repetitive)

- The romance system,that was something devs were pushing as a selling point, have shit ass story.

Seriously,the plot feels like it was writen by some fat horny girl who writes fanfics on deviantart.

- The char models are ugly as hell which is a shame since the enviroments are gorgeous.

I adore Origins, beat it five times and it is among my favorite games of all time.

I really, really wanted to like Inquisition, but after 15-20 hours I actually said aloud, "I have yet to feel anything. I have not once had fun, been engaged in the world and characters. I have no motivation."

I had to ask, why?

Thinking it over two things that struck me.

1. Open worlds are only good if they are interesting to explore.
2. Maker an area larger does not make a game better if it just artificially extends length

I spent so much freaking time walking from A to B doing junk quests. I simply didn't care what was going on, I didn't care about a single character. This is insane, I read the Dragon Age books to learn about Loghain as a youth and more about Orlais occupation of Ferelden. In Origins I clicked a place, was there, did a dungeon, interacted with a story decision, it was beautifully LINEAR and concise in design keeping me engaged.

At this point I am tempted to watch someone play because I just don't get it. How did this win a single game of the year? What about this engages you? Am I playing this game wrong because half the time I don't know what I'm doing and the other half I don't care about what I'm doing.

Been a long time since I wanted to really like a game and struggled so much. Right now I give Dragon Age: Inquisition a 3/10 simply because it is technically sound. I am willing to revisit such a low score if I ever "get" the appeal of this entry.

I understand why you'd think it was boring. But I loved it xD

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I played it for about 1 hour and that was enough for me.