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One day I spent a whole day playing Pokemon Crystal.

I used to play it for long sessions a lot after my copy stopped saving files, and I did it a lot when I went to my granfather and grandmother house in school break. I was always discovering new stuff in the early game parts I,used to plsy and loved it, but I also liked to go as far as I could, and one day I simply played the whole day.

I woke up 6 AM and grabbed my GBA, plugged the charger on so I wouldn't have a problem playing and having full battery when needed to unplug it, so I played until launch time and this time didn't stopped to eat, I ate while playing, I only stopped to take a bath but it was always on and I grabbed it again right after it, and only stopped playing 11PM when I went to sleep.

So 17 hours more or less.

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Once I played TF2 with some friends for about 8 hours straight with food-breaks and such, but I don't recall doign stuff like that very often :P


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I think maybe 16 hours. Runescape, though I'm not really sure it could be classified as playing since I was doing a task in-game that required little input while I did other things like watch TV.

Other than that, I've put 12-14 straight hours into several shooters over the years, mainly CoD and Halo.

I played Metal Gear Solid 4 in one sitting with my best mate. That must've been 18 hours or so.

About 16 hours for Twilight Princess, it was actually two 8 hour sessions, one of which had a short meal break where I just paused, and inbetween them I turned the machine off for 45 minutes for dinner.

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Jumpin said:
82 hours, I wanted to make it to 100, but I fell asleep.

I think that is legitimately one of the longest gaming sessions of Duck Hunt that anyone has ever had.

That's pretty intense, I can't even imagine playing 80 hours of Duck Hunt.

I'm not too sure about mine, perhaps Team Fortress 2 a while back. Probably spent close to 15 hours some days on it.

16 hours with "Skyrim" - ordered in all of my meals - was the longest I've done since I was a teen. I played "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2" for nearly 24 hours back in middle-school (6th grade). Most of that was loading screens, though ;)

In all seriousness, that game had terrible load times. "Bloodborne" reminds me of it in that way. Both great games, despite the performance issues.

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Either Mario Galaxy 1/2, Pokemon Crystal, Persona 4 Golden, or Lost Odyssey.

I want to say Mario Galaxy as I played that nonstop for like 15 hours.

Borrowed World at War from my neighbor, spent the whole day, from morning to around 11 pm, playing the campaign on hard difficulty.
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I think close to ten hours. It was either Nintendo Land (when I got my Wii U), or SSBU.

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