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kekrot said:
KoiIroRazu said:

The longest play session I had, was when I was like 5 or 6. Ocarina of Time. 20 hours. Needed long enough to get to the Watertemple, just to get stuck because of that damn key glitch.

After some time I realized, that the temple was impossible to complete and my elder brother told me, that I had to restart. And so I did...

As far as I know, there is no way to get permanently stuck in Water Temple. There's always, ALWAYS, another key within reach, even when you think you spent a key at a "wrong" door. It's just complicated at times. Unless you know something I don't.

This is one breakdown of how you can't get stuck. breakingzelda.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-water-temple-myth-part-1.html


But well, on topic. The longest session I've had was either Brawl or Gran Turismo 5. Probably Brawl but I remember I threw an intense GT5 "launch party" with some friends and hooked up several PS3's to play. This was at launch, before none of us had any chance to see how bad it was (not really bad but nothing new either). Still fun ofc.

mhm.... okay. I guess I just missed a key. lol I guess I wasted some time there, but thankfully, another myth busted. I didn't have big problems with the Water Temple since, but I thought it was because I was playing the GC version and 3D remake. I've heard some people claim, that Nintendo had fixed the issue on those versions.

Should have known because it always seemed kinda fishy :/

Whatever, thanks for the enlightenment :D

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Years and years at a time. The game is called life, and you're all playing it.

8-10 hours with Smash Bros U! My friend and I had a blast playing Smash that night!

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6-7 hours.

Happened once with Bayonetta 2, and about 3 times with AC IV Black Flag. So many side things to do!!! :3

21 hours of WWE: Day of Reckoning. I didn't yet have a memory card for my Gamecube, and leaving the console on indefinitely isn't an option in Nigeria. The power supply isn't constant. Its erratic. So one day when the power was just restored, I had a feeling it would stay on for at least 24 hours straight. I played the story mode of DoR from 10am of that day to 7am of the following day.
I beat the story mode, woke my brothers up to go play with all the things I had unlocked, then crashed. They later told me the power went sometime between 10 and 11am that morning.

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Was about two days straight with star wars galaxies. If not more, but I certainly remember waking up one morning going to play prob around 6-7am when my wife got up for work, still playing whe she was done and then all through the night, continued through her going to work again the next day, and finally went to bed on the third morning when she was going. Was without a job at that point... she almost left me. Looking back I certainly can't blame her.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

About 20 hours in Civ V. Borderlands was another at about that length as well.

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i think around 16 hours straight Diablo 2 comes to my mind. Recently FF XIII-2 last year around 12 hours straight.