Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?


Yes, Xenoblade and Persona ROCK! 62 72.94%
No, I need my Zelda and Uncharted 23 27.06%

For me there is not a single game that could replace Zelda.

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Xenoblade >>>> Zelda

Persona > Uncharted

So they do a whole lot more than just make up for those two. lol If I had to rank all four, I'd say Persona > Uncharted > Xenoblade > Zelda.

idk, i mean

I'm more excited for persona than any of them.

But that was the case before two got delayed.

Two letters, one word: No.

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For me personally, yeah. Wasn't all that hyped over Uncharted, Persona 5 however I'm very much looking forward to

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Yes they do, xeno looks very inttresting to me. I was never fan of uncharted or zelda

Only Metroid would do that for me

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I kinda doubt Persona will release in the West this year

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Since i prefere rpg yes, but anyway i have enough game with all console + pc :)