Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?


Yes, Xenoblade and Persona ROCK! 62 72.94%
No, I need my Zelda and Uncharted 23 27.06%

No, because why only have two games when you can have all four? :P

But both Xenoblade X and Persona 5 still are highly anticipated so hopefully they will deliver.

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2 very niche games make up for huge IP's..... No!


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On a personal level? I'll take Persona over any of those games.

Definitely for me : ) Zelda`s not the only game I`m excited for on Wii U this year. P5 would do it for me too, though I`m not a fan of Uncharted, nor do I have a PS4.



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For me XCX is a bigger deal than Zelda. This is the first Zelda game that has caught my eye in a serious way in a while though so I am still looking forward to it and still bumbed we no longer have a release window. But Xenoblade is right up my alley and looks excellent. It also helps the Wii U's outlook that Fatal Frame is confirmed for 2015 and SMT x FE is on the way (could be 2015 in the West if it releases world wide, could be 2016). I still expect more announcements at E3; I think the recent Direct was to sort of set things up.

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so Persona 5 and Xenoblade werent supposed to be released this year?

Slade6alpha said:

Two niche JRPGs against two of the biggest icons for their respective platforms... no.

Not even close.


As much as I enjoy past Xenoblade and Persona games, Zelda and Uncharted are simply system sellers compared to ANYTHING JRPG.

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Nothing can replace Zelda as far as I'm concerned. Xenoblade is #2 on my most wanted list though, so I'm very much looking forward to that game. But it's not Zelda!

I'm fine with Zelda being delayed if it leads to a better game. I just don't understand why they suddenly decided NOT to show it at E3, even though we've already seen the game twice now. That being said, I was more hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X than Zelda anyway because we'd seen so much more of it and knew a lot more about it. Plus, Xenoblade Chronicles is my favorite game of all time. Still...while, ordinarily, Xenoblade Chronicles X would be MORE than enough for me this year (especially given the 300+ hours of content), I'm still disappointed that we were lead to believe...TWICE (most recently just 4 months ago)...that BOTH Zelda and Xenoblade would be out for Wii U this year.

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I don't get why people are so damn impatient. One year passes by so quickly, why do you even care? There are more than enough games in 2015 and I'm pretty certain we will see some more at E3. You will have enough to play, don't worry.

So please give it a rest already, all those Zelda/Uncharted delay threads are getting rather tiresome.

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