Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do Xenoblade and Persona make up for no Zelda/Uncharted this year?


Yes, Xenoblade and Persona ROCK! 62 72.94%
No, I need my Zelda and Uncharted 23 27.06%

Both Zelda U and Uncharted were originally slated for a 2015 release, but as you all know, they got delayed to 2016

So, Wii U owners, does Xenoblade X make up for no Zelda? PS4 owners, does Persona make up for no Uncharted?

If both Zelda and UC4 need another year to be as perfect as they can be, I can wait. I think these games both make up for the delayed games

What says you?

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No, we already had both of those games before the delay not sure how they make up for it.  Horizon can make up for Uncharted and Metrod can make up for Zelda for me.

I would rather have Zelda than Xenoblade but I would rather have Xenoblade than fuck all so it certainly helps greatly


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Two niche JRPGs against two of the biggest icons for their respective platforms... no.

Not even close.

As much as I love Xenoblade over Zelda, and care more about Persona over Uncharted, both Zelda and Uncharted are pretty big franchises compared to the former, so I'd have to say no.

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I don't think they necessarily make up for them, but they help ease the pain.

Although, Fatal Frame was pretty much like a love letter from Nintendo to me saying "sry for delaying zelda, xo"

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Considering that The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series, its hard for anything to really make up for the fact that it was delayed into next year :/

Xenoblade will be an excellent game though, so I'm sure I'll be enjoying it when it ends up releasing.

No because we were already going to get them.

We didn't gain anything.

XCX does for me, in the "at least there's still XCX" kind of way. I can't imagine P5 doing the same for anyone who likes Uncharted. No knock on the game, but they offer to completely conflicting experiences.

Well, this is new.


It was supposed to be Xenoblade and Zelda, not Xenoblade or Zelda. Having only one won't make anything in regards ot the absence of the other one. And we don't know how much is Zelda delayed. Game is not 2016 until Nintendo states it.

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