Have you had to upgrade the storage on your console?

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Have you had to increase your storage space.

Yes 80 50.31%
No, no need 37 23.27%
No, but I have deleted co... 42 26.42%

I'm just curious how many of you have had to bump up the memory in your consoles.  I know we here are not a very good representation of the average gamer.


Personally I have had to throw hard drives or externals into/on every machine I've owned last Gen and this Gen.


Edit: changed memory to storage in the thread title .  LoL I didn't think anyone would confuse RAM for HDD Storage when they saw console in the sentence. My bad I was in a hurry.

For the record though I'm an old IT guy and Memory, when it comes to computers, refers to RAM, SSD, HDD, optical, flash, flopy ect. It wasn't wrong but it wasn't as specific as I could have been, and yes in this day and age when someone says memory in a PC they are typically referring to RAM.                                                                                                                            

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Nope. I'm a physical kinda guy.

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I survived through the complete last gen with a 60GB PS3. Sure I had to delete a bunch of shit every time I wanted to install something new but it wasn't worth the hassle to backup and replace the drive.

I ordered a 1TB SSHD to my PS4 this time around and replaced it from the start. Should last me forever. Don't know if I needed it though.

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Skullwaker said:
Nope. I'm a physical kinda guy.

But Xbox One and PS4 have mandatory installs. Unless you're talking about Nintendo or last gen.

I bought a 1TB HDD soon after I got mine. I don't see myself needing to upgrade for a long time.

Well, this is new.


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I upped my 80GB PS3 to 160GB. I would have ugraded a 2nd time to a 250GB but it is no longer possible to properly back up the HDD because some game data or game save data is copyright protected. I have PS+ which means all my save data is stored in the cloud, but there are other user accounts on the PS3 which do not get cloud save.

Now that I am more onto the 8th gen it isn;t so much of an issue, but with only 160GB I do have to manage the digital content a lot.

I mostly plan to buy physical this gen, which means it's a non issue uninstalling game data with PS4 making it possible to start playing a game after just a proportion of the game is installed. SO I think I should be able to manage with the 500GB. No doubt I will have to uninstall PSN+ content from time to time, but I think once I've finished with a PSN+ game I doubt I'll ever want to re-download it after deleting it off my HDD.

Nextgen I hope to go 100% streaming, assuming new release games will be available for streaming fairly soon after their physical and download releases.

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Yea with the wiiU to 500gb and my ps3 to 750gb and the 3ds to 32gb and the vita to 4gb


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Being an IT guy, when I see the word memory I think of RAM. I was thinking, well, I did buy the RAM pack for the N64. But then I see you meant storage.

For Wii, I added a few SD cards. For Wii U, a USB attached 1 TB HDD.

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Legendary_W said:
But Xbox One and PS4 have mandatory installs. Unless you're talking about Nintendo or last gen.

Both. I don't own an XBO or PS4 yet.

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The funny thing is every had a crack at nintendo for their space when in reality a core gamer on all three systems needs to upgrade their hdd with mandatory installs and patches to get the bugs out of games. The key being the patches want them installed before they go offline and you got a useless game that can't be played because no patches to fix it.